It's personal; My Daily Make-Up Routine

At this moment in time I wouldn't desribe my blog as a 'beauty' blog, because I don't post reviews on products I use but it's something I would like to introduce more into my blog. I struggle to give an opinion on a product and can never really describe what it does to my skin because I can never tell what it does. But I thought I would share my daily make-up routine. I find make-up alot easier to describe and it's the thing I prefer to read about over beauty products. 

These are the products I use on a daily basis and the order I use them in, I thought I could share a mini review on them all.

Dove Rich Moisturising Creme;

It's quiet a thick moisturiser but still blendable. It's not too thick that you have to rub it into your face and it's not too thin, it's nice and my use of it daily has really helped my dry skin.

No7 Lift and Luminate Foundation; 

The awkward thing about this foundation is that me and my grandma have it. It's for 45 - 60 year old woman but I really like it and I am on my second bottle. It gives a dewy glow to the skin and isn't quite a liquid, more of a thin mousse? But I love the glow and soft feel it gives to my skin, probably a youthful glow as it is for 45 - 60 year olds. I'd say it's buildable to full coverage but still looks natural.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer;

I jumped on the blogger bandwagon with this concealer and it's the best one I have tried so far. From a distance and when I tilt my head back you can't see my bags but straight on you can a little but I think it may just be the natural line under my eyes? I will just tell myself that! But it's not too thick and is easily blendable, it's a great coverage.

MAC Miniralize Skinfinish Natural;

I'm not a great one for reviewing powder as I like my foundation to be dewy and find that powders take that away, which is the point I know. But I like this one, I think it makes the skin flawless and doesn't look all cakey or make me orange like some powders.

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Triple Mineralize Skinfinish;

This has a MAC Mineralize bronzer, blusher and highlighter, all next to each other but seperate. I love them all but my daily one has been the blusher because it's mineralized and shines off the skin, adding to the dewiness and it really brightens up my face.

Urban Decay Primer Potion;

Everybody knows of this product, it keeps my eyeshadow from creasing and is just a good base, enough said.

Topshop Kohl Pencil in the Black Shade;

I have quite small eyes so use this on my upper lash line, the part under the lashes to help widden my eyes up. It's just as good as your typical black liner.

Naked 1 Palette;

I am stuck in a rut with the two shades Buck and Sin, I wear Buck (brown matte) in the outer corner and crease and I find this helps to open my eyes a bit more, and Sin is such a pretty shimmery pink and I wear this over the rest of the lid. I adore the two shades together, and the eyeshadows are such good quality and really last.

Clinque High Impact Mascara;

I really like this mascara but it doesn't length my lashes which is why I combine it with Topshop's Black Mascara to give it length. But I find the Topshop one on it's own makes my lashes clumpy.

Clinique Eyeshadow Quad;

This is the freebie you always get when clinique do offers. I use the darker brown it comes with to shape my brows, there pretty full anyway but I like them to be structured. The colour itself looks shimmery but this doesn't show on my brows so it's all good.


I'm not a big lip person so just use this to keep my lips moisturized, I use it every morning and have found that my lips never have very dry and uncomfortable stages anymore.

The Tools;

MAC 187
Fraulein38 powder brush
Fraulein38 angled eyeliner brush
Fraulein38 large concealer brush
Fraulein38 mascara wand(to comb through my brows)
Urban Decay fluffy blending brush(came in book of shadows)
EcoTools blush brush
Models Own tweezers
Models Own eyelash curler
Bobbypin headband

I hope you liked finding out about my Daily products. Please let me know any you swear by because I like knowing other people's must's and why.

I have also reached 200 followers, thank you so much! I love having my blog and adore the fact that you lovely people take the time to comment such lovely things, so thank you.


The Indie Rock Poster Book

I am a big fan of quirky and indie artwork. I love seeing inspirational pictures on Tumbr and weheartit of other peoples rooms and they have just covered their walls in quirky artwork. I first saw this book on Lazy Oaf who showed some great pictures of the book but unfortunatly they no longer stock it (well, I couldn't find it on the website). But I asked my parents for it for Christmas, and my mum checked on amazon first and found it that little bit cheaper. Here is the link for the book on amazon.

The posters are 11x14 inches. It has 30 removable prints inspired by Indie Rock Songs. Each print has information about what the inspiration was and why on the back. I just really love the whole idea, the posters are something I have been looking for to give my room a bit of a quirky edge. I have been really getting into more unique artwork because I just love how different it is. I'm on the lookout for some more inspiring art books that are similair to this one, so if you know of any then please let me know in the comments.

Would you buy anything like this? I hope today isn't un-lucky for any of you.


Room Decor

These are some dazzling wall stickers I got a couple of months ago and finally got round to putting them up as I de-cluttered my room, got rid of lots of bits and made it all organised and nice again. I had been browsing the internet for quite some time in search for some cheap birdcage wall stickers to entertain my bare walls. Everything I found was on the expensive side or just not quite right, until I spotted these bad boys. I couldn't believe the price of them, they were £1.99,one pound and ninty nine pennies incase you didn't believe me, in home bargains. They also had an array of others, like floral stickers and the eiffel tower, but I really wanted some birdcage ones. They are fairly easy to apply and there's no need for glue, scissors or wallpaper paste. You simply just peel and stick. It was a bit of a kerfuffle getting the chain straight and because the cage is quite large it was a little difficult to ensure it didn't bubble, but I did it quite well I think. I am so pleased with the result and think it gives my room and extra 'vintage' feel, which it what I love when it comes to room decor. I'm evan happier that it only cost me a measly £1.99. I did get them a while ago, but it's so worth having a look and if you don't have a home bargains near you, perhaps wilkinsons or something? 

Also, do you like my new header? I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of Roza's 200 follower give-back and the prize I got to choose was a header design. I'm not that good when it comes to design on the computer so I was thrilled to be able to have one designed for me, and I just love it. I thought the moustahces in the place of lines was an excellent idea. I am so thankful for Roza taking the time to make such a brilliant header... Thank You Roza!

I hope your all having a brilliant start to 2012!