An odd tin or two

I'm a little obsessed with vintage homeware and I recently raided my grandparents garage and found allsorts of beautiful and decorative tins for my room. For me they just add so much to my room and there something I love going on the hunt for. I spend far too much on little odd knic knacs, like a vintage milk bottle and a selection of old plates just to pop out and about. I'm too much of a sucker to stop though, I love re-jigging my room about.

I got the jacob's one from ebay and the nubo and silver jubilee one from three jelly moulds and a wardrobe (which unfortunatly is no longer open). I've found alot of inspiration of how to style them through books like this, this and this. For your own tins and vintage bits you can ask around your family, ebay, online homeware shops, car boot sales and charity shops. If you have room decor posts on your blog then please leave me a link and they inspire me greatly.


What I've been wearing this week

Photo One; Topshop Dress and Fingerstaches from River Island
Photo Two; Boy Tee and Miss Selfridge Black Textured Skirt
Photo Three; Miss Selfridge Pencil Midi Dress and Burgendy Jumper
Photo Four; Topshop Dinosaur Tee and Miss Selfridge Skater Skirt
Photo Five; Coat is River Island and Scarf is H&M
Photo Six; Miss Selfridge Vest and Black Textured Skirt
I haven't felt like a blogger recently, I've spent the last few weeks making the most of the time I had left with my friends as I made the move up to Manchester a week ago now. I'm in full time work now too which means more money to buy more clothes leading to more blog posts, a win for us all. 

In other news, I bought a tripod the other day and recieved it this morning. A main problem for me when it came to taking pictures was getting the right height with my camera. I was using endless knick knacks around my room to pile up high and hopefully get a decent outcome, but this didn't always work. But now I have a handy tripod so fingers crossed this helps me out.


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A picnic for a Daisy

About a month ago now my best friend Daisy turned 19. So, to celebrate this I threw her a surprise 'birthday picnic' as it was very us. It was just a cute little gathering with eaton mess, doilies, strawberry's and houmous, she seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did creating it and keeping it a secret. But it was her 19th so we did of course go out that night too!

Hope you enjoy the photographs!

I have some MAC brushes and jewellry on my eBay too, ends tonight!


Win a pair of Louboutin's

Click here to enter via Facebook.

Christian Louboutin's remind me of films such as Sex and the City and I wouldn't mind wondering around in a pair, so it's great that e-tailwebstores are holding a competition for one of you to win a pair, what is there to lose?

Would love to know if you enter!


What I've been wearing this week

Photo One; Topshop Dress and Lipstick in Firecracker
Photo Two; Miss Selfridge Eagle Stud Tee and Black Textured Skirt
Photo Three; Miss Selfridge Pencil Midi Dress and Floral Peplum Top from Topshop
Photo Four; Topshop Dress and Bandana is Vintage
Photo Five; Coat is River Island
Photo Six; Orange Circle Tee and Miss Selfridge Black Textured Skirt


 Almost everyday this week I tried to capture my outfit to share on my blog, but I just couldn't ever get a decent three or four photo's. So the ones I claimed 'bloggable' I thought I would whip up in a kind of weekly outfits post. This often seems to be the case with my photographs so may resort to doing this every week instead, I like seeing a bunch of outfits all in one anyway. Plus, you would get bored with my all too often tee's and black skirt option. Hope you enjoyed!


easyJet Fashion Blogger Competition

easyJet Fashion Blogger Competition
‘This is what I’d take for a Berlin city break with easyJet Holidays.

This post is my entry to the 'easyJet London Fashion Week Blogger Competition'.

I was emailed about this competition and thought the prize was amazing, and to enter I had to do something I enjoyed doing. The competion has been set over 3 weeks, this is the final week. To enter you must post about what you would wear to one of two destinations. This week's destinations are Berlin and Eygpt. I picked Berlin. All the information on the competition if you would like to enter yourself is here. I really think you should, as it's just like creating a wishlist post, but London Fashion Week tickets are up for grabs whilst doing so.

*I'm not being paid to do this, I was informed about the competition and decided to take part myself*

The Outfit;  

Skirt - Topshop 
Shirt - Topshop 
Crop Top - Topshop
Boots - Topshop 
Liptick in Firecracker - Topshop
Nail Vanish - NARS
Necklace - Regal Rose
Earrings - Regal Rose

I thought a spontanious weekend to Berlin would be an amazing thing to have done and imagined myself rushing around for that one perfect outfit. With the trip being spontatious *in my head* I thought that a day to night look would be appropriate. 

I imagine myself strolling around in this red drop hem skirt with the cropped lace shirt during the day, and swapping it for the lace cropped top in the evening, along with the lipstick and cross necklace. I would wear the blue nail vanish with both outfits because I just love the way the blue and red are bright colours and just really adore them together. The cross earrings would be in the day and I think that the newer version of the Topshop Chelsea boots would be both daytime and evening wear because of the way the outfit changes, I like the shoes with both, and remember this is spontanious during the middle of the month when I am blowing the 1/4 of my wages left on my trip to Berlin *in my head*. 

If any of you enter then please do link me in the comments. I wish I could do spontanious trips away, just too much of an organisation nut.

Would love to see your entries!


Returning to the swamp

Coat - River Island
Tee - Topshop 
Bandana - Vintage
Rings - Topshop and LLYMLRS

So I returned from Turkey over a week ago now but have been busy getting back into a routine, catching up with friends and working. But I'm so glad to be back to blogging and always feel refreshed and ready for new beginnings and changes when it comes to my blog after having time to stop and think about it. I'm preparing my Turkey outfit posts but didn't want to leave it too long so I thought I would get an outfit post up.

I had a lovely relaxing holiday in Turkey, it's so nice to get away from normal life for a short time. I always feel ready to get back too, Turkey was so hot and without all my normal surroundings it did get a little tiring towards the end and I wanted to get back home and back to my life. Is it bad to want to come back from a lovely hot country where your eating out every night? I do feel a little guilty. Although now I wish I had enjoyed the relaxation more as being back just a week has left me feeling well and truly pooped and wanting another week away. Terrible, I know. 

But it really is lovely to be back and I hope you all had a lovely August. I can't believe it's September already, Christmas will be here before we know it.


Image; weheartit

Not that I am packing vintage books and elderflower to Turkey but I just thought it was a pretty picture.

So I am off to Turkey soon, and won't be able to blog. But I use holidays and time away from real life to kind of plan a little, I'll think of blog idea's, things I want to do in my life, you kind of come back ready to get on with things. I will try to get many outfit photographs too whilst I am away to share when I get back. 

I love getting away from real life for a little time...

Hope you all have a lovely August and I will see you near the end.


A wolf and a tooth

Cropped Tee - Rise

I'm not normally one for apologising for not blogging because I think you should blog when you want but I am making an exception. Because this time I do apologise but I've been busy turning eighteen and dealing with horrendeus toothache, I've taken quite a few photographs for blog posts but just not found the time to edit and upload. I've taken to coming straight home from work and getting into bed, but the toothache is wearing off and things are getting back to normal after the birthday hype.

I can't say things will be properly back to normal as I go abroad soon, but we can see about internet connection and if I can post or not, because I hate having huge gaps between posts. 

This crop top has to be one of my favourite things to wear, I love the design and I always wear it with my high waisted skirt soes not to share anything. I just think it's pretty simple but like the effect, I got it at a Vintage / Re-worked clothes shop near to me and want to pop back to stock up plenty more one off tee's. The skirt is patterened, but you can't really tell on the photographs, it's kind of a zig zag pattern that adds a little something. I've left the link above so you can zoom in to really see the print.

Any of you know of any online shops that sell similair tee's? Please share them below, I would love to find similair items.

Hope your all well.


Dahlia, Beautiful Dahlia

Dress - (gifted) Dahlia
Bandana - Lush
Nails - Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream / Rimmel Glitter

Quite a while ago now I was contacted by a lovely lady on behalf of Dahlia. I was asked if I would like to feature one of their items on my blog and of course I happily accepted, who wouldn't want to recieve a beautiful dress like this one.

I wore the dress with my bandana from Lush and a black leather jacket to toughen the look up a bit. I really liked how it came out with it being girly but having the jacket to harden it up. Around the neckline the dress has pearls attached which I think is just such a nice touch, and a lovely brown plait belt. The back is more of a cotton material, which you can see from the photographs, I just love how much attention they have payed to detail.

Dahlia have some beautiful items online at the moment so you can check them out here. They are also in a sale too. 
 Some Dahlia bits I am loving at the moment;

I'm so grateful for being asked to feature a piece of their clothing on my blog and I hope I did the dress justice.

They are having a competition on their facebook page too, click here.



As time goes by, this is what goes on

Skittle boredom • Dress from Warehouse as a potential birthday dress • Preperation for a trip to Oxford • Dream Caravan • Chips • Love home magazines for room inspiration • Onto the 3rd in the Trilogy • Sunglasses 2k12 • Train to Oxford with Daisy • New favourite drink • Getting messy • A bit of Marina 

Thought I'd give my share of the 'week in photo's posts'. I really love this types of posts so thought it about time I shared my own.

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Still a baby (My blog's first birthday)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to 'Me and Moustaches',
Happy Birthday to you.

I'm pretty sure every blogger says it, but I cannot believe that my blog started one year ago today. In a way, and looking back the time hasn't flown by. It feels ages ago now that I sat at my computer with any hope of at least one person reading my blog. It goes without saying that nobody expects the feedback and comments they get and I still don't, it still feels so amazing that people read and comment on my blog. I'm not hosting a giveaway as a one year thank you, I'm just simply going to say thank you. It means so much to me that you enjoy my posts and that you read and comment. Looking back a year ago now, I wouldn't have expected myself or my blog to be like this. 

I really can't thank you enough for taking time out of your lives to learn a little about mine, but if your a blogger yourself I'm sure you feel the gratitude I do. 

Thank you very much,


Care for a pepsi?

Tee - Primark
Skirt - American Apparell

I haven't blogged so much recently which makes me a little sad. The dull english weather brings me to a bit of a sticky situation as where I photograph my outfits provides the best photos when the sun is out, so I made the most of the burst of sunshine the other day. I'm also finishing up with college and being a busy bee so blogging took a bit of a back seat, which I shouldn't really have let happen. But I finish college soon and have a few idea's of what I want to share or start on here so I plan to make more effort with posts and what I actually post, I want to mix things up a bit. But I do apologise for not the best photographs and for them being either really dark or highly edited, the sun needs to make a return so I can get better pictures.

I'm in a bit of a 't-shirt and skirt' phase which I need to pull myself out of, I'm currently online shopping to spruse my wardrobe up as I find myself going back to the same outfits just for the ease of it. But hopefully I can get out of this rut, because it really is boring me.

Hope your having a lovely Father's day!