▲lw▲ys folding p▲ges!

Always folding pages!

Mustard Skater Dress - Topshop 
Cross Skirt - Topshop
Red Suede Toms
Eylure Lashes(I want to experiment more with lashes) 
Tan Boots - Topshop
Lace Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Warehouse

Back from my little trip now, and thought I'd share a 'wishlist' with you. I think the tan boots and mustard dress with tights would be a lovely combination. I also adore this blouse from Warehouse, it's on the pricey side so not sure I could commit. I wore my friend's Tom's one time, and would love a pair of my own to wear with leggings or jeans for college, because I don't make an effort for college. Because of the course I do I have to wear clothes I can dance in.

Hope you are all well, I will hopefully have some outfit posts up soon.

Have a great day, oo and Happy Halloween!


See you soon!

So the half term (for us students) is approaching and tomorrow I go back to my roots(north west) to stay over at my Grandparents house with my family. Then on the Saturday we are driving up to Scotland, because my parents own pubs and it's pretty much a 24.7 job so we have little trips to Scotland in the February and October holidays. And on the Sunday, me and my dad travel back down to the North West of England where I will be staying for the night and seeing some of my best friends I don't see that often because we now live 3 hours away from each other.

So the main reason for this random post is that I will bid you farewell for about 2 weeks, as the cottage we are staying in is in the middle of nowhere and I can get neither internet or phone signal, so I will not be able to blog. But I will be cracking on with work and different things and planning and drafting on word plenty of posts to share with all you lovely people.

I would also like to say 'HOWDY' to new followers, I have nearly 100 and I am just so grateful, but to me it isn't about the followers it's the beautiful comments you leave, I just lovelovelove seeing them in my inbox, they make my day!

So I wish you all well, and I will see you soon!

Love, Lauren.


Scalloped Edges

Here's another outfit, I seem to be whiping these out the bag. That's about it for now though, as I have shown off all the new clothes I purchased recently and I don't want to repeat any outfits.

I wear this Jumper from H+M alot, if you read my blog you will have seen it before(it was £12.99) it's just so cosy but it goes bobbly, which really annoys me. This dress is from Miss Selfridge and it was £37. I definetley wouldn't have paid so much for a black and white striped dress, but the scalloped detail on the white stripes is so lovely, I just couldn't resist.

Quick Question;

I want to make my photo's side by side, I have photoshop(trial version) and can anybody give me specific directions to do so on photoshop? and how do I get rid of the little frames around my photo's at the moment? You can comment down below or email me( It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


My only vintage piece!

This Shirt I got from ebay a while ago, and it's vintage apparentley. It's the only vintage item I own, I really like it but it's annoying to wear because it's whiter and my foundation gets all around the collar on the inside. If your looking for something similair, I would just type in 'Vinatge White Shirt' or something on ebay. Jumper is H+M(very recent) and was £12.99 and my skirt is Topshop(£26). Don't have a clue why I am saying 'is Topshop' like it's a designer brand like Chanel or something :)

I'm not a big vintage lover, to be honest for me it's a faff to search for things like that. I just love High-Street, but I kinda like the idea of having a one off piece. I would definetley but vintage satchels and things, so if any of you know good Vintage sites let me know. I think I should venture more into the 'Vintage World', because I adore Vintage inspired outfits, and some things you just can't get on the High - Street.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! 

P.S BIG congratulations to Temporary:Secretary for winning the LOOK Blogging Competition, you totally deserve it, your blog is amazing and you are so lovely .


Hurry Up Winter!

I got this Jumper from River Island, it was £38 but I had a £25 credit note so didn't mind paying only £13! I like the length of the sleeves aswell. I thought that if I put it with my black Topshop skirt and black tights, it would be too 'dark' so I wore it with my pink pleated skirt from H+M which was only £14.99, they had a black one too. I really love this Jumper and think I will buy more braver bottoms now, like these mustard shorts from Topshop that are just amazing.

After pay-day I've decided to invest more in my wardrobe. I hate not being in a spending mood, and I sometimes hate spending money but I am going to try and live by the 'Life's too short' philosophy and stop worrying about buying something and regreting it.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend!


Jewellery of the Day; 2#

 Ring-O-Roses Necklace - Dolly Up Ginger 
(Just realised they no longer have this in stock and I can't remember the price) Apologies for that! 
Moustache Ring - DollyBowBow - £5.00

This is the Jewellery I wore about a week ago but forgot to post about it, guess that doesn't matter as you guys don't know I wore it a week ago. Oh well, here it is :)

Also, does anybody else's home seem to be infested with DaddyLongLegs? and the odd Spiders? It must be that time of year, it's just horrible! But I haven't had that many lately, I think the word's spread that if they come in my home they'll get squished with either my Make-Up Bag, the dog's box of biscuits or the soap bowl. I know I shouldn't kill them, but I just couldn't go into a room if I could see it and had to work around it.

Have a great week-end you lovely bunch of people!


I'm Dreaming Of....

Dreaming Of....

1. Topshop - £32 - Lace Collar Swing Top
2. Topshop - £65 - Oxblood Chelsea Boots
3. River Island - £28 - Chelsea Girl Bowling Bag
4. Topshop - £36 - Double Bow Placket Shirt
5. Topshop - £8 - Lips in Infared
7. Topshop - Couldn't find it on the site, not necessarily a TS one, but I want a bow similair. 
It was payday Friday and this month I don't want to worry about saving,saving,saving, I may indulge in some of these beauties.
I'm trying to find some winter boots, when it does turn winter as it's been Indian Summer for the last week. I'm loving all the oxblood coloured ones out there right now and trying to find the perfect pair to invest in. Ah this bag, the whole Chelsea Girl thing puts me off but I love the colour and the style, and it's a decent price too. I'm sure i'll show you if I purchase any.
Have a great day!