My 2011

▲ saying goodbye to some amazing, beautiful people ▲ starting a fresh life 3 hours away from my home ▲ making new friends in a new place ▲ finding a career i hope to pursue and do for a long time ▲ going to disneyland paris ▲ eating too much red onion ▲ discovering alot of things about myself and others ▲ learning that it's ok to have my own opinions on things ▲ creating a blog ▲ falling in love with apple tea ▲ finding new passions

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I wish you all a beautiful, happy and memorable 2012!


I could have been someone, Well so could anyone

shirt - river island
cardigan - topshop

Not known what to post for a while, I never want to post just because it's been a week since I posted. I always want to be happy with the content of my blog. 

I can't believe Christmas is only 4 days away, and I am about 12 days behind with my advent calender. The choclate tastes like rubbish so I never want to eat it. Perhaps I will melt them all and have it with fruit or something.. yum. 

This cardigan isn't very flattering but it's so snuggly, I just hope it doesn't bobble and go all horrid. I actually ended up taking this shirt back ~cheat~ because I love shirts but thought that the black didn't suit me as much as I would have liked it too. I don't know why atall, but I always think that if your not 100% sure on something you shouldn't spend your money on it. But I do love this cardigan, I haven't worn it so much but have a few items I am eyeing up that I would pair it with.

If I don't post before Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful, special and magical day! 


It's show time.

Not the most exciting outfit today, but I just needed something to wear to go somewhere in. It's panto week, this week and I had to go to the theatre for a tech/dress rehearsal. I do performing arts and part of our course is to do a pantomime and perform it to the public. So that's what we are doing, and the panto is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. I am just super excited for the matinae and evening performance's tomorrow, and evening performances wednesday and thursday. I am playing Jill, Jack's sister. I love doing it, as I have to scream and cry like a baby - which is fun to do - I love the reaction you get from the audience.

Not sure how posts will be this week, but hopefully I can whip a few out - but panto may take up quite a bit of my time this week. I am awaiting a few *tings* I have ordered of the internet which I wish to share with you all.

Hope you have a brilliant week! Have any of you ever been in a pantomime? - it's so much fun.


I'm a dare-devil.

So I finally took the plunge to wear this gorgeous velvet bow out and show it to the world. If you didn't see my other post, it's here. I basically didn't have the balls to wear it out, I wanted to wear it with someting pretty simple to start off with. So I got this jersey top from Topshop. I do indeed like it, and don't think I look like a naked butler wearing it.

I opened my advent calender today, it's a Toy Story one. The Toy Story films are my absolute favourite. Mine was a Christmas Tree chocolate. What calender do you all have this year?

Have a great day!


Don't know what to call this one.

Shirt (actually a dress) - Topshop
Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Topshop

This 'shirt' is actually a dress from Topshop, that is just too short for me now. I had been meaning to be on the look out for a basic white sheer shirt to pop under jumper's and to show the collar. Because I am really into collar's, I think they can really make an outfit up to date and on - trend. I was gutted that I may not be able to wear the dress again but realised that wearing it like this, you can't see the dress and I can make use of the shirt part. I am hoping to find a nice black sheer shirt, and a white one too - so if any of you know any nicely priced ones, do let me know?

Feel a little bit schoolish in this but thought to myself ' Would this really be a school jumper?' I wasn't overly keen on the jumper, but my uniform time at work was running out so I wanted to make use of the discount. I think having the collar out would be the only time I would wear it, because I feel that the collar brings it up to date. If not, I will be a winter jumper to keep me warm at home. Do you have anything you only wear as one outfit, and don't mix it with anything else?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Do I dare?

So I am techniqually cheating here. I didn't wear this outfit out. I adore my vintage blouse and I am in love with this Topshop bow but I just don't have the guts. I think I need to pair it with something simple to start with, not a bold vintage blouse. I need to step my guts up a noch. I am a big bow/collar person and when the Topshop free delivery thingybob came up I bought it(it was £10). That's what I got it for really, to make something simple a bit more fashion-ey? But on lover tops i.e vest tops I think I look a touch like a naked butler, which is never good for a 17 year old girl, we don't want to give off the wrong impression.

Do you have any accesories that turn a simple outfit into a edgy one? I'd love to invest in more.

Have a great day!


berries and leopards

t-shirt - orangeclothing
fit and flare dress - topshop
cardigan - primark

Pretty sure the work and his wife has this Primark cardigan, oh well. It's just another burgendy cardigan, but not really. I'd say it was more of a berry colour which I prefer. Found 'orangeclothing' a while ago but never purchased just because you can't see the product. But after seeing a youtube review on them I went ahead and got a typical leopard cross tee, oh well(again). I don't see it as copying or being a 'sheep' I would call it being inspired by others, for me that's what fashion is all about.

Love, Hearts and Crosses

Love, Hearts and Crosses - £14.00 (also comes in gold)

After trying to hunt down the perfect triangle necklace I was going to give up. But then I saw LLYMLRS wearing this one, so I scrolled down to see where it was from and it was from Love,Hearts and Crosses Jewellery. I had browsed before, because LLYMLRS is always wearing their jewls, but didn't think to try and find one from there. But when I saw it I went over to the site and ordered it, I love it. It was also free shipping, which I think was the biggest persuader. I'm having a bit of triangle love at the moment(yes I know I am way behind). So I thought I would share it with you. I ordered it on Tuesday and it came today, which I think is pretty fast. So I was just spreading some Jewellrey love, Have a great Bonfire Night, but be careful.


▲lw▲ys folding p▲ges!

Always folding pages!

Mustard Skater Dress - Topshop 
Cross Skirt - Topshop
Red Suede Toms
Eylure Lashes(I want to experiment more with lashes) 
Tan Boots - Topshop
Lace Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Warehouse

Back from my little trip now, and thought I'd share a 'wishlist' with you. I think the tan boots and mustard dress with tights would be a lovely combination. I also adore this blouse from Warehouse, it's on the pricey side so not sure I could commit. I wore my friend's Tom's one time, and would love a pair of my own to wear with leggings or jeans for college, because I don't make an effort for college. Because of the course I do I have to wear clothes I can dance in.

Hope you are all well, I will hopefully have some outfit posts up soon.

Have a great day, oo and Happy Halloween!


See you soon!

So the half term (for us students) is approaching and tomorrow I go back to my roots(north west) to stay over at my Grandparents house with my family. Then on the Saturday we are driving up to Scotland, because my parents own pubs and it's pretty much a 24.7 job so we have little trips to Scotland in the February and October holidays. And on the Sunday, me and my dad travel back down to the North West of England where I will be staying for the night and seeing some of my best friends I don't see that often because we now live 3 hours away from each other.

So the main reason for this random post is that I will bid you farewell for about 2 weeks, as the cottage we are staying in is in the middle of nowhere and I can get neither internet or phone signal, so I will not be able to blog. But I will be cracking on with work and different things and planning and drafting on word plenty of posts to share with all you lovely people.

I would also like to say 'HOWDY' to new followers, I have nearly 100 and I am just so grateful, but to me it isn't about the followers it's the beautiful comments you leave, I just lovelovelove seeing them in my inbox, they make my day!

So I wish you all well, and I will see you soon!

Love, Lauren.


Scalloped Edges

Here's another outfit, I seem to be whiping these out the bag. That's about it for now though, as I have shown off all the new clothes I purchased recently and I don't want to repeat any outfits.

I wear this Jumper from H+M alot, if you read my blog you will have seen it before(it was £12.99) it's just so cosy but it goes bobbly, which really annoys me. This dress is from Miss Selfridge and it was £37. I definetley wouldn't have paid so much for a black and white striped dress, but the scalloped detail on the white stripes is so lovely, I just couldn't resist.

Quick Question;

I want to make my photo's side by side, I have photoshop(trial version) and can anybody give me specific directions to do so on photoshop? and how do I get rid of the little frames around my photo's at the moment? You can comment down below or email me( It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


My only vintage piece!

This Shirt I got from ebay a while ago, and it's vintage apparentley. It's the only vintage item I own, I really like it but it's annoying to wear because it's whiter and my foundation gets all around the collar on the inside. If your looking for something similair, I would just type in 'Vinatge White Shirt' or something on ebay. Jumper is H+M(very recent) and was £12.99 and my skirt is Topshop(£26). Don't have a clue why I am saying 'is Topshop' like it's a designer brand like Chanel or something :)

I'm not a big vintage lover, to be honest for me it's a faff to search for things like that. I just love High-Street, but I kinda like the idea of having a one off piece. I would definetley but vintage satchels and things, so if any of you know good Vintage sites let me know. I think I should venture more into the 'Vintage World', because I adore Vintage inspired outfits, and some things you just can't get on the High - Street.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! 

P.S BIG congratulations to Temporary:Secretary for winning the LOOK Blogging Competition, you totally deserve it, your blog is amazing and you are so lovely .


Hurry Up Winter!

I got this Jumper from River Island, it was £38 but I had a £25 credit note so didn't mind paying only £13! I like the length of the sleeves aswell. I thought that if I put it with my black Topshop skirt and black tights, it would be too 'dark' so I wore it with my pink pleated skirt from H+M which was only £14.99, they had a black one too. I really love this Jumper and think I will buy more braver bottoms now, like these mustard shorts from Topshop that are just amazing.

After pay-day I've decided to invest more in my wardrobe. I hate not being in a spending mood, and I sometimes hate spending money but I am going to try and live by the 'Life's too short' philosophy and stop worrying about buying something and regreting it.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend!


Jewellery of the Day; 2#

 Ring-O-Roses Necklace - Dolly Up Ginger 
(Just realised they no longer have this in stock and I can't remember the price) Apologies for that! 
Moustache Ring - DollyBowBow - £5.00

This is the Jewellery I wore about a week ago but forgot to post about it, guess that doesn't matter as you guys don't know I wore it a week ago. Oh well, here it is :)

Also, does anybody else's home seem to be infested with DaddyLongLegs? and the odd Spiders? It must be that time of year, it's just horrible! But I haven't had that many lately, I think the word's spread that if they come in my home they'll get squished with either my Make-Up Bag, the dog's box of biscuits or the soap bowl. I know I shouldn't kill them, but I just couldn't go into a room if I could see it and had to work around it.

Have a great week-end you lovely bunch of people!


I'm Dreaming Of....

Dreaming Of....

1. Topshop - £32 - Lace Collar Swing Top
2. Topshop - £65 - Oxblood Chelsea Boots
3. River Island - £28 - Chelsea Girl Bowling Bag
4. Topshop - £36 - Double Bow Placket Shirt
5. Topshop - £8 - Lips in Infared
7. Topshop - Couldn't find it on the site, not necessarily a TS one, but I want a bow similair. 
It was payday Friday and this month I don't want to worry about saving,saving,saving, I may indulge in some of these beauties.
I'm trying to find some winter boots, when it does turn winter as it's been Indian Summer for the last week. I'm loving all the oxblood coloured ones out there right now and trying to find the perfect pair to invest in. Ah this bag, the whole Chelsea Girl thing puts me off but I love the colour and the style, and it's a decent price too. I'm sure i'll show you if I purchase any.
Have a great day!


Blog Award

So recently I was Awarded a Blog Award from Roza at A Little Bit of Roza. Thank You so much Roza, it was so lovely of you! Roza and her blog are lovely so go check her out everybody, althought you all probably know who she is :) 

If you are awarded a Blog Award you must;

Thank the person you received the award from 
Say 7 random things about yourself 
Pass the love to 15 other bloggers 
 7 Random Facts about me;
▲ I have lived in pubs all my life.
▲ I have a Spanish friend named Ines who I email weekly and have seen in person, in spain 3 times.
▲ I've worked/work at 7 different places in only 4 years. Don't worry, I was never fired :)
▲ I will always love Red Onion, it's so tasty!
▲ I love Toy Story, I have a teddy of the Alien, he's called 'Mike Swisowski' from Moster's Inc evan though that's a completley different film(long story).    
▲ I love love love to be organised and tidying and organising makes me happy(SADDO).
  ▲ I look for life lessons in everybody.
The 15 Blog's I love and give an ''Award'' to;
A Little bit of Roza (Not sure if I can give you  one because I recieved this one of you! Ah well, I would of anyway :) But you don't have to do anaother Blog Award Post if you don't want lol :)! 

Have a great day!



Jewellrey of the Day; 1#

Ring is from  Dolly Up Ginger , it was £5.50 and  is an adjustable ring. You can get it here. I adore anything with Cameo, well not when it's made to look tacky with rhinestones and on a gold chain but the majority of it I love. Necklace is from Topshop,  it is £8.50 but was recently in the sale so you may still be able to get it. It is a real daisy inside.

Hope you like these posts as I hope to share with you many more.


Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

First of all I thought I would share a discount code with you all, 20% off with the code 'NLAWMAG2UK' t'was in their magazine.

(WARNING- Heavy word post- but just on this one occasion I hope you don't mind)

So I have recently noticed that alot of people are personal when it comes to their blog, be it 'about me' pages or whatever, and I am not. I just never think people are really interested about me but I keep thinking it's a little wierd I know so much about people's blog I read so decided I would let you guys into my world a little more, so I hope you enjoy.

So my name is Lauren, as some of you may know. I am 17 years old and my birthday is July 20th 1994, so one of the baby's of the year but at least my birthday isn't 31st August, I don't think I would like being 17 when my friends are out being 18. I live in the South West of England but I have a northern accent(not that strongly though) as I have only lived down south since the end of February this year. I moved during my first year of college, it was hard - and it still is, but you just have to get on with it. I used to live 3 hours away in the North West. So I am in my second year of college now, I do Performing Arts Musical Theatre. Performing used to be something I was really passionate about but that has diluted and now I want to follow the job I am involved in now, which is retail, although I still love performing and doing the course, I just lost that spark I had for it. Retail may not seem like a big goal to some people, but I love the little things in life and the comapny I am with is great for working your way up. You never know what oppourtunities are going to come your way, but I hope I get lucky.

I discovered all this youtube and blogger business just over a year ago now by thinking that before I started college I wanted my make-up to look nice so typed in 'make-up tutorial' on youtube and discovered Juicystar07. I then got to know about the community and began learning so much about make-up and then moved on to loving the fashion video's also. I can honestly say that in the last year I have grown so much as a person and learnt so much about all things fashion and beauty and most importantly myself, which I hope to continue learning about.

I hope I didn't bore you, it's just I don't want my blog to be post after post about my outfit or a product, my favourite blogs are ones with a personal touch.

Have a great week everybody!


September; My First Glossybox!

So finally I jumped on the 'Glossybox' bandwagon and recieved my very first one this afternoon. Now I know you will have seen this post many times already but seen as it was a first for me I thought I may aswell share my views. 

This Month's box included; HDBrows Eye+Brow Palette, Plum Perfume by Mary Greenwell, Dead Sea Spa MAGIK Salt Brushing Sachets x 2, KIMIA Hyrda Activator and Exquisite All Natual Face Oil Samples and Neal Wolf Intensive Care Treatment.

A few first impressions; 

I've heard alot of people say that the perfume is something they would give to their mum, and I have to say I agree. It's a real perfume scent and just not to my personal liking. I've used Neal Wolf Haircare before, they were my Grandma's cast-off's, but I'm not the greatest at noticing difference's in my hair but it has a lovely rich smell. The KIMIA skin products and the Salt Brushing Sachets I can't say much about becasue I haven't used them yet, but you get a genorous amount of the salts. And finally the HDBrows Palette, I was most excited about this as I am more of a Make-Up person that a Beauty Products person. I had never heard of this brand before but some Blogger already were saying they really like it but when I was seeing how soft the little brush that came with it was loads of the brisles came out so easily. I wouldn't have used it anyway but it was a little annoying. I hope to do a full review on the palette.

I would also like to apologise for the lack of posts, just feel very un-inspired as what to post because I am the sort of person who likes to be 100% with the state of a post, and I fell that if I don't like it you won't, but I have a few idea's I am going to explore so we will see what happens.

Have a great day!


Caroline Flack Inspired Outifit

After watching the Xtra Factor I realised that I love Caroline Flack's style, it's so simple but she looks so styleish every time. This outifit's inspired by her Xtra Factor style, which I can't wait to watch each week. Plus gorge on her co-star Olly Murs, he's a beautiful man.

Blazer - New Look - £35

Collared Top - New Look - £23

Skirt - Topshop - £26

I hope you enjoyed,
Have a great day!

RI for Maxi Skirts

I popped into River Island today hand in hand with a £25 gift voucher I recieved for my birthday a while ago. Lately I have been in a 'I need clothes but don't want to spend my money' mood, but if there free(technically) I was happy to buy. I tried a few things on but settled for this Dusty rose coloured Maxi Skirt that I now have to return :( , I wasn't 100% sure but didn't want to come back and find it gone, but unfortunatly the security tag has left a bit of a hole on the back and with my Mum claiming it will only get bigger and bigger on this jersey material I have decided to return it. I'm also a little worried about the fact that it is the beginning of September and will I really be trotting along in a Maxi skirt in a months time when it's chillier, no!

I also thought I would inspire you a little by pointing out Helen Flanagan on this week's front cover of Fabulous magazine.

I think she looks stunning. Her lipstick reminds me of  'MAC Saint Germain' which I do have- YAY! I love her blue eyes and the bold black eye Make-Up. Lovely. 

That's all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Just sharing my outfit of Tuesday, sorry it wasn't sooner. I was at my friend's house last night and yesterday day we went shopping, and Tuesday I was working all day but had time to snap these. I didn't pick up much, just a new foundation which I may review, 2 Lush soaps|(Miranda + Rockstar) and some birthday things for somebody. 

Top - Topshop - £20, Skirt - Topshop - £26, Moustache Necklace - Ebay - £4
Have a great day!



I would like to Thank every commenter and follower, because now I have reached 50 followers and am so made up. How many followers you have shouldn't matter but it's lovely to know people are reading your blog and enjoy it, because it is upsetting if this doesn't happen - I have been there, it can really get you down. But just stick at it and make sure you like your blog, I had to be happy with my blog to be motivated to post on it. I just wanted to thank all you lovely people out there, it's such a lovely thing to be a part of. I would love to reach 100 and would see this as a milestone and host some sort of giveaway, so stay tuned. Thanks again, I love all your comments and please keep them coming, they keep me motivated and make me want to blog.

Thank You so much,



Nautical + Denim Catch-Up!

So going off the whole 'Nautical + Denim' theme I ended up the other side with just nautical. After posting my previous post the whole Stripes and Leopard print had grown on me and I couldn't find a denim piece I loved enough to buy, but at least we got half way there. So this is my 'Nautical' themed outfit of yesterday.

Added in this extra photo to show you how the glasses add something to the outfit. Geek Chic if you will.

Dress - Topshop - £29
Necklace - Dorethy Perkins - £2 ~sale~
Cardigan - Miss Selfridge - £29
Leopard Glasses - H&M - £5.99

2 days till Parrot ~squeezes fists in excitement~ Actually had to look up how to spell squeezes, my memory went blank.

Have a great day!


Nautical + Denim!

Nautical + Denim!
Excuse me while I get to grips with Polyvore. 

Ok so the whole Nautical Stripes partnered with Demin may not be a recent trend, it was probably worked months ago but to be honest I simply don't care. I have recently been scouring the shops for the perfect way to get this trend across. Whether to wear dungaree's with a stripy top underneath, or to opt for a denim shirt with some sort of long nautical themed top. But tomorrow I go on a good hunt to hopefully find the perfect pieces to wear this trend. 

I was in Topshop the other day and realised they have been sporting a few cheeky denim numbers and a few Striped dresses & Tops. So my plan for tomorrow is to go after work, grab a few pieces and mix and match to see for me which works best. Hopefully you would like an update and to see what I discovered. I quite like the idea of doing posts about a particual trend I like and going out and seeing what I can find to pull of the trend on the High Street, let me know if this is something you would like to see? 

Over the past few days I have had such lovely comments and gained quite a few followers so I would just like to say 'Hello and Thank You' it really does mean alot to me. I have also ordered my first GlossyBox, it should arrive late September- so expect posts and reviews to do with the products you recieve in the GlossyBoxes. I also subscribed (finally) to Look Magazine, HORRAY FOR ME? 

I also must share a piece of exciting news for ones self. I am getting a parrot, :) YES a parrot, I find it strange because they aren't the everyday pet but I cannot wait, we are getting an African Grey one this weekend, so I hope you don't mind a post on it as I just can't contain my excitement. HORRAY FOR ME AGAIN? They are such amazing animals, I spent almost a hour today looking and talking and messing about with a parrot called Mac. He is shown at the Bird Centre where we are getting out parrot and he just mesmerised me. He was amazing!

Have a great day!



 Top - Zara Basics(in spain) - 5.99euros (i think it was sale)
Skirt - Primark - £3(sale)
Necklace - Topshop - I paid around £7.50(inc student discount) but it was in the sale recently- BUGGER!

and I wore black tights!

Hope you had a lovely day you lovely blogging people! 



I love shopping trips where you only buy a couple of things but really love them and are happy that you didn't splurge too much and just have a few nice things to add to your collection.

Black T-shirt with White Birds - Topshop - £18

Burgendy Long Sleeved Cardigan - Miss Selfridge - £29

Green Stone Earrings - Dorothy Perkins - £2 (sale)

Just want to point out that these earrings aren't the turquoise stone colour that is around right now, they are more of a green stone but equally as lovely.

Have a great day!



Before I get into the post I would just like to point out that my blog is undergoing a few changes in it's appearance and I ask you to ignore the changes for now, I just want to be happy with the way my blog looks.

So Monday Night, I finally plucked up the courage to Ombre my hair myself. It was something I wanted to do for a while, as I have just always had my brunette hair and fancied a bit of a change. My main fear was doing it wrong, I hate going to the hairdresses and knew that if I did it myself I would have nobody to blame, and that scared me. But with my 7 year old sister beside me, on call if I needed something, I finally ombred.

The Kit I used;

Loreal Paris Perfect Blonde Creme Highlighting Kit (around £6; Superdrug and Boots)

I was actually a little worried about the kit because it's for 'highlighting' but others had used it and got ombre, and so did I, so don't worry.

Do everything the box says except for getting the ombre result you just put the dye on the ends of your hair and work your way up to where you want the blonde to kick in. Obviously don't put the dye up to a strict line, you want it to blend a little. It's hard to explain but you know what I mean.

The Results;

(I blinked ~apologies~)
I prefer the ends curly with the ombre.
The ends of my hair are abit straw like, but I plan to condition and nuriese my hair lots.

I honestly don't know if there's much more I can say, it really is simple. Bit of a cliche saying here but ~ If I can do it, anybody can ~

Have a good day!


''grab ya' backpack''

As you may know a big trend boucning in right now is backpacks. So I thought I would line a few up to inspire you because personally I love reading blogs that point items of clothing out to me and then I go and buy them or something similair, I love to be inspired! So I hope you are too ...

Lazy Oaf - Space Pack - £ 55.00

Quite a price tag, but I would understand 'love at first sight' and somebody willing to splurge. Probably not my style but something about the whole 'Spacey' aspect really catches my eye.

 Topshop  - Red Stars + Stripes Backpack - £32
(out of stock but you ccould try again later or in-store)

Again another heavy price tag, sorry! But honestly for Topshop I don't think it's that bad, plus it's AMAZING. After the Topshop American Flag shorts were such a sucess I reckon this will fly out, it's already sold out online. 

ASOS - Canvas Backpack - £35

This one from ASOS, people may see it as 'plain'. But I like to see 'plain' things as traditional. If your outfit's got alot going on then a busy bag may be to much, which leaves this one the winner and not 'plain'.

I hope you enjoyed my post about Backpacks and felt inspired to have a mouch about now in the shops looking for your perfect one, if I find mine, I'll let you know :) Hopefully our trusty Primarni will be diving into the Backpack clan(if they haven't already) and giving us some great bargaino's!

I would also like to point out that a few changes are being made- my blog name has changed and the design/background will follow. I want to feel happy with the way my blog looks, then it will encourage me to post and be on it more. Any idea's are very welcome! 

Thanks for reading!