Jewellery of the Day; 2#

 Ring-O-Roses Necklace - Dolly Up Ginger 
(Just realised they no longer have this in stock and I can't remember the price) Apologies for that! 
Moustache Ring - DollyBowBow - £5.00

This is the Jewellery I wore about a week ago but forgot to post about it, guess that doesn't matter as you guys don't know I wore it a week ago. Oh well, here it is :)

Also, does anybody else's home seem to be infested with DaddyLongLegs? and the odd Spiders? It must be that time of year, it's just horrible! But I haven't had that many lately, I think the word's spread that if they come in my home they'll get squished with either my Make-Up Bag, the dog's box of biscuits or the soap bowl. I know I shouldn't kill them, but I just couldn't go into a room if I could see it and had to work around it.

Have a great week-end you lovely bunch of people!


  1. haha HATE spiders but i feel no mercy when killing them :P:P awesome jewellery, i love big (strange) rings like that! :D Xx

  2. I love these moustache rings!! Topshop does a really oversized gold one too!


  3. I love your necklace! You have a lovely lovely blog :-)

  4. That ring is soooooooooo you ;) Where in Wales do you live? My family home is in Pembroke! I go home once a month x

  5. We maybe bringing this necklace back shortly so watch this space!

    Just thought you'd want to know we're currently giving all new fb group members 15% off their first order! So join up now:


  6. love the ring! I have a moustache necklace, I think they're so cool!


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