Crotchet bunting

A little while ago now I was browsing the beautiful misty world of etsy where I came across a lovely little shop called Messy La, I was in search of dreamy room decorations to add that bit of character to a new home. Whilst spending countless hours looking I finally came across this bunting that was needed to add that granny feel I wanted, so a week later I had the lovely bunting up in my boudoir taking pride of place. I'm still in boxes from when I made the move back up north so like seeing a hint of what's to come.


Wall flower

Wallflower Tee - Lazy Oaf
Denim Pinafore - Miss Selfridge 
Coat - River Island
Shoes - Topshop

What I wore today to do sod all around the house, I did venture out to check the bus times and it was nice to see the daylight for a change. I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark so seeing the sun sort of hurts my eyes now, but it was lovely. 


The grandparents, the pinafore and the fish finger sandwhiches

I spent the weekend just gone with my grandparents, which made a lovely change from spending it with no trace of make-up on my face and just being a pure laze. Instead I spent it at a table top sale, eating fish finger sandwiches, watching harry potter, searching the loft for vintage treasures, finding photographs of my grandparents 'courting', playing endless games of rummikub, swallowing mints and of course taking the above photographs with my new, spoiled rotten canon.

The table top sale we went to was only small but I picked up some lovely vintage photographs of a lovely chap who was trying to get rid of all his old books from the loft too stop his ceiling from caving in (oh the oldies and there jokes). Along with some lovely bone china to add an extra touch to my room and then a tootle into town where I picked up a few more modern beauty bits.

All in all I had a lovely and relaxing weekend, I do love being a pensioner for a few days.