Simply red and black

Simply Red Tee - My Mother's
Skirt - Topshop
Lipstick in Rio Rio - Topshop

The Outfit;

I promise you this skirt is washed and that I do wear other things. I got this tee of my mum as she just wore it for lounging. I chopped the sleeves off  and just tucked it in. I wore this a week ago and the same day bought a black midi dress, found my new fave colour. Black is probably not the best colour to wear when it's getting warmer and becoming more 'summery'. Oh well!

My Day;

As I said I wore this last week but today I just had work, and I am helping out in the pub at 7 tonight. Oh what an exciting life I lead as a 17 year old. But I can't wait to turn 18 then feel my life will become much more exciting. Most of my friends are 18 so like to spend their weekends out, I wish I could join them, for something to do. But I do have work alot over this week to keep me busy, so hopefully can catch a few photo's if this lovely weather keeps up (good for lighting). Hope your all having a lovely weekend.

Plus.. thank you for getting me to just over 250 followers! I want to do a giveaway.. but people have different interests and likes so unsure what all of you will enjoy... any ideas?

Mum, I can't wash up, I have a blog to run

Shirt - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Topshop

The outfit;

I wear this skirt a little too much, but it's a brilliant basic. This shirt is in the sale at the moment for £12, which annoyed me but I got it for that price on uniform so no money lost. It's not the most exciting outfit, I will say that myself, but I like wearing shirts because I think they can be really effective, perhaps with a cheeky dicky bow too.

My day;

I had work for 4 hours today which isn't too bad, I love my job anyway. I went shopping yesterday and did a little shop today too, I got three new items of clothes so lots of outfit pictures to come. I got my mum a body butter, slab of choolate and the most amazing invention ever; it's a LUSH washing up fairy on a stick *amazing*. Nothing really exciting to tell about today, I'm just waiting out the next two weeks until the easter holidays.
I am obviously joking about the title by the way, I just saw something similair on a tumblr picture and couldn't think of another title. It's mother's day and I would love to let my mum put her feet up, but she has to work. Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's out there.


A colour match

Denim Shirt - American Apparel
Skirt - Topshop
Lipstick in RioRio - Topshop

The outfit;

As soon as I saw this denim shirt I thought that it would look great with something bright red. I'm not really a fan of the long sleeved denim shirts but wanted one to pop under jumpers, so this one was perfect and I loved that it is a lighter shade of denim. The lipstick is a really bright red, which when my paler friend tried on she thought it didn't suit her, but it's always worth having a try. I just love the shade of the shirt and the lipstick and I think the colours work really well together. 

My day;

I hate to bore you about the weather, but where I am it really is lovely and I hope it stays like this from now until summer ends. It was perfect as I went into town with my little sister. She scoffed down a Subway(she's 7), we shopped around a little but I didn't find much, I picked up the latest issue of Company magazine, I adore it's new look as I didn't read it before because it didn't really catch my eye as a magazine that was up my street but now I love it. Then we sat on a wall in the sun drinking slushes, well she ate it with her hand as most children would and then we came back home and went to the park. I love having days of college and work to spend time with her.