American apparel velvet skirt

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Velvet Skirt - American Apparel
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I really do love this velvet skirt. When velvet first started trending I wasn't a fan, I never thought I would find a piece I liked but then I thought a good basic skirt that's good quality would be a great piece to invest in. This skirt and a denim shirt (that will appear soon) are my first ever items from American Apparel. I love the shop's visual's and it's interior and even though I just see what they sell as 'good basics', those basics can be matched with so many things. I'm also eyeing us some of the watches they sell.

I might aswell give you a tour of my home as I take pictures in a variety of places. Outside can give me a few good shots then indoor's can give me ok shots and one pretty clear one so it's varying on the weather. So apologies for the random photo's in a every room in my house.


Primary School Shoes

Shoes - Topshop, exact link here.

These were in my last wishlist so I had kept my eye out for them in the shops as I didn't want to take the risk of buying them online and then maybe not liking them or them not fitting. In the shop I had decided not to get them but whilst in the que at the tills I went back for them and I'm so pleased I did.

They are so comfortable, apart from they rub the back's of my ankles but I'm just wearing them in. I had been wanting some creepers but found the sole's too large for me and I thought the sole on these was perfect and I prefered the 'primary school' style of them. I think that in the summer they will look too cute with those little crochet style socks you can get. Again like the ones in Primary school where you rolled them down and it looked like you had a doughnut around you ankle. But I just think they are too cute, and at £34 I thought it wasn't too bad for Topshop.

If you know of any similair styled shoes please link them in the comments as I really like the style of them.

▲lw▲ys folding p▲ges!

▲lw▲ys folding p▲ges!

 I’ve seen alot of bloggers wearing Tartan Scarf’s and I want to jump on the bandwagon and get one myself. I think it would look nice with the grey dress in this outfit post, and my parka. I really like the contrast pink collar in this White Shirt and think it would add something extra to the shirt/jumper combo. The above Bowler Hat is from Topshop and I really wanted to but it but couldn’t justify £25 for something I’d probably be too scared to wear out but I saw H&M have one too, it's exactly the same, for £7.99 which I may consider getting even if I won’t wear it just yet. Added these Patent Mary Jane Shoes to my Topshop basket but want to see if I can find them in a store to try them on. I need some new black shoes as my black patent brogues are all I wear so I think these are classic but quirky, really hope I find them.

We have the Yankee Candle in Fluffy Towels room spray at work and it smells amazing. The candle is on sale at the moment in Clintons but still over £15 for the large jar. I’ve never had a Yankee Candle before so I may buy a couple of the £1.75 tea light ones to try them out. I also want to get a MAC Mineralize Blush as I love the one that came in the Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish Trio, if you recommend any then let me know. I also want to get into Lipsticks and purchase some Topshop ones, this dark one is a bit daring but I’m trying to push my boundaries.

Blog posts may be non-existent for the next week as I am away, but still have internet so if I can get a decent post up then I will.

Have a wonderful week!

More in my mind

Bow - Topshop    Dress - Topshop    Cardigan - River Island

I've got more in mind for this dress. I'd love to dress it with a bowler hat or a fur coat, but I really don't have to guts to wear a bowler hat out.... yet? I would really love to.

I need to invest in more clothes. Something we all say but I find myself wearing the same thing all the time so want to go out and find some really stunning pieces. The high - street just isn't floating my boat at the moment and I think I'm to afraid to buy anything incase I take the labels of then want to return it, but it's something I need to get over. Any of you feeling the same right now?

Hope you are having a great start to february.