My 2011

▲ saying goodbye to some amazing, beautiful people ▲ starting a fresh life 3 hours away from my home ▲ making new friends in a new place ▲ finding a career i hope to pursue and do for a long time ▲ going to disneyland paris ▲ eating too much red onion ▲ discovering alot of things about myself and others ▲ learning that it's ok to have my own opinions on things ▲ creating a blog ▲ falling in love with apple tea ▲ finding new passions

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I wish you all a beautiful, happy and memorable 2012!


I could have been someone, Well so could anyone

shirt - river island
cardigan - topshop

Not known what to post for a while, I never want to post just because it's been a week since I posted. I always want to be happy with the content of my blog. 

I can't believe Christmas is only 4 days away, and I am about 12 days behind with my advent calender. The choclate tastes like rubbish so I never want to eat it. Perhaps I will melt them all and have it with fruit or something.. yum. 

This cardigan isn't very flattering but it's so snuggly, I just hope it doesn't bobble and go all horrid. I actually ended up taking this shirt back ~cheat~ because I love shirts but thought that the black didn't suit me as much as I would have liked it too. I don't know why atall, but I always think that if your not 100% sure on something you shouldn't spend your money on it. But I do love this cardigan, I haven't worn it so much but have a few items I am eyeing up that I would pair it with.

If I don't post before Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful, special and magical day! 


It's show time.

Not the most exciting outfit today, but I just needed something to wear to go somewhere in. It's panto week, this week and I had to go to the theatre for a tech/dress rehearsal. I do performing arts and part of our course is to do a pantomime and perform it to the public. So that's what we are doing, and the panto is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. I am just super excited for the matinae and evening performance's tomorrow, and evening performances wednesday and thursday. I am playing Jill, Jack's sister. I love doing it, as I have to scream and cry like a baby - which is fun to do - I love the reaction you get from the audience.

Not sure how posts will be this week, but hopefully I can whip a few out - but panto may take up quite a bit of my time this week. I am awaiting a few *tings* I have ordered of the internet which I wish to share with you all.

Hope you have a brilliant week! Have any of you ever been in a pantomime? - it's so much fun.