I would like to Thank every commenter and follower, because now I have reached 50 followers and am so made up. How many followers you have shouldn't matter but it's lovely to know people are reading your blog and enjoy it, because it is upsetting if this doesn't happen - I have been there, it can really get you down. But just stick at it and make sure you like your blog, I had to be happy with my blog to be motivated to post on it. I just wanted to thank all you lovely people out there, it's such a lovely thing to be a part of. I would love to reach 100 and would see this as a milestone and host some sort of giveaway, so stay tuned. Thanks again, I love all your comments and please keep them coming, they keep me motivated and make me want to blog.

Thank You so much,



Nautical + Denim Catch-Up!

So going off the whole 'Nautical + Denim' theme I ended up the other side with just nautical. After posting my previous post the whole Stripes and Leopard print had grown on me and I couldn't find a denim piece I loved enough to buy, but at least we got half way there. So this is my 'Nautical' themed outfit of yesterday.

Added in this extra photo to show you how the glasses add something to the outfit. Geek Chic if you will.

Dress - Topshop - £29
Necklace - Dorethy Perkins - £2 ~sale~
Cardigan - Miss Selfridge - £29
Leopard Glasses - H&M - £5.99

2 days till Parrot ~squeezes fists in excitement~ Actually had to look up how to spell squeezes, my memory went blank.

Have a great day!


Nautical + Denim!

Nautical + Denim!
Excuse me while I get to grips with Polyvore. 

Ok so the whole Nautical Stripes partnered with Demin may not be a recent trend, it was probably worked months ago but to be honest I simply don't care. I have recently been scouring the shops for the perfect way to get this trend across. Whether to wear dungaree's with a stripy top underneath, or to opt for a denim shirt with some sort of long nautical themed top. But tomorrow I go on a good hunt to hopefully find the perfect pieces to wear this trend. 

I was in Topshop the other day and realised they have been sporting a few cheeky denim numbers and a few Striped dresses & Tops. So my plan for tomorrow is to go after work, grab a few pieces and mix and match to see for me which works best. Hopefully you would like an update and to see what I discovered. I quite like the idea of doing posts about a particual trend I like and going out and seeing what I can find to pull of the trend on the High Street, let me know if this is something you would like to see? 

Over the past few days I have had such lovely comments and gained quite a few followers so I would just like to say 'Hello and Thank You' it really does mean alot to me. I have also ordered my first GlossyBox, it should arrive late September- so expect posts and reviews to do with the products you recieve in the GlossyBoxes. I also subscribed (finally) to Look Magazine, HORRAY FOR ME? 

I also must share a piece of exciting news for ones self. I am getting a parrot, :) YES a parrot, I find it strange because they aren't the everyday pet but I cannot wait, we are getting an African Grey one this weekend, so I hope you don't mind a post on it as I just can't contain my excitement. HORRAY FOR ME AGAIN? They are such amazing animals, I spent almost a hour today looking and talking and messing about with a parrot called Mac. He is shown at the Bird Centre where we are getting out parrot and he just mesmerised me. He was amazing!

Have a great day!



 Top - Zara Basics(in spain) - 5.99euros (i think it was sale)
Skirt - Primark - £3(sale)
Necklace - Topshop - I paid around £7.50(inc student discount) but it was in the sale recently- BUGGER!

and I wore black tights!

Hope you had a lovely day you lovely blogging people! 



I love shopping trips where you only buy a couple of things but really love them and are happy that you didn't splurge too much and just have a few nice things to add to your collection.

Black T-shirt with White Birds - Topshop - £18

Burgendy Long Sleeved Cardigan - Miss Selfridge - £29

Green Stone Earrings - Dorothy Perkins - £2 (sale)

Just want to point out that these earrings aren't the turquoise stone colour that is around right now, they are more of a green stone but equally as lovely.

Have a great day!



Before I get into the post I would just like to point out that my blog is undergoing a few changes in it's appearance and I ask you to ignore the changes for now, I just want to be happy with the way my blog looks.

So Monday Night, I finally plucked up the courage to Ombre my hair myself. It was something I wanted to do for a while, as I have just always had my brunette hair and fancied a bit of a change. My main fear was doing it wrong, I hate going to the hairdresses and knew that if I did it myself I would have nobody to blame, and that scared me. But with my 7 year old sister beside me, on call if I needed something, I finally ombred.

The Kit I used;

Loreal Paris Perfect Blonde Creme Highlighting Kit (around £6; Superdrug and Boots)

I was actually a little worried about the kit because it's for 'highlighting' but others had used it and got ombre, and so did I, so don't worry.

Do everything the box says except for getting the ombre result you just put the dye on the ends of your hair and work your way up to where you want the blonde to kick in. Obviously don't put the dye up to a strict line, you want it to blend a little. It's hard to explain but you know what I mean.

The Results;

(I blinked ~apologies~)
I prefer the ends curly with the ombre.
The ends of my hair are abit straw like, but I plan to condition and nuriese my hair lots.

I honestly don't know if there's much more I can say, it really is simple. Bit of a cliche saying here but ~ If I can do it, anybody can ~

Have a good day!


''grab ya' backpack''

As you may know a big trend boucning in right now is backpacks. So I thought I would line a few up to inspire you because personally I love reading blogs that point items of clothing out to me and then I go and buy them or something similair, I love to be inspired! So I hope you are too ...

Lazy Oaf - Space Pack - £ 55.00

Quite a price tag, but I would understand 'love at first sight' and somebody willing to splurge. Probably not my style but something about the whole 'Spacey' aspect really catches my eye.

 Topshop  - Red Stars + Stripes Backpack - £32
(out of stock but you ccould try again later or in-store)

Again another heavy price tag, sorry! But honestly for Topshop I don't think it's that bad, plus it's AMAZING. After the Topshop American Flag shorts were such a sucess I reckon this will fly out, it's already sold out online. 

ASOS - Canvas Backpack - £35

This one from ASOS, people may see it as 'plain'. But I like to see 'plain' things as traditional. If your outfit's got alot going on then a busy bag may be to much, which leaves this one the winner and not 'plain'.

I hope you enjoyed my post about Backpacks and felt inspired to have a mouch about now in the shops looking for your perfect one, if I find mine, I'll let you know :) Hopefully our trusty Primarni will be diving into the Backpack clan(if they haven't already) and giving us some great bargaino's!

I would also like to point out that a few changes are being made- my blog name has changed and the design/background will follow. I want to feel happy with the way my blog looks, then it will encourage me to post and be on it more. Any idea's are very welcome! 

Thanks for reading!