An odd tin or two

I'm a little obsessed with vintage homeware and I recently raided my grandparents garage and found allsorts of beautiful and decorative tins for my room. For me they just add so much to my room and there something I love going on the hunt for. I spend far too much on little odd knic knacs, like a vintage milk bottle and a selection of old plates just to pop out and about. I'm too much of a sucker to stop though, I love re-jigging my room about.

I got the jacob's one from ebay and the nubo and silver jubilee one from three jelly moulds and a wardrobe (which unfortunatly is no longer open). I've found alot of inspiration of how to style them through books like this, this and this. For your own tins and vintage bits you can ask around your family, ebay, online homeware shops, car boot sales and charity shops. If you have room decor posts on your blog then please leave me a link and they inspire me greatly.