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So, just a quick post.

I am holiday clothes shopping on Wednesday and was intreged as to whether any of you would be interested in a viewing on what I spent my dollar on and how I would wear any of the items to perhaps inspire you for outfits or to buy anything if you are going away or evan to wear to be able to not burn and melt it this oh so sudden heatwave that britan has decided to bring upon us:)

So if you would like to see this post soon then.. lemme know!



First 'Make-Up+Moustaches' Make-Up related post!

Good Morning Bloggers(maybe not for some but right now it's morning for me:))

So I am going to live up to my name of 'Make-Up+Moustaches' and do a Make-Up related post.

It's going to be a comparison of two foundations from the same brand and the two up for scrutiny and tourture(jokes) are; Bourjois Paris' Healthy Mix and Bio Detox Organic.

I bought the Healthy Mix after seeing a few reviews and swatching it for myself and got it at it's promoted price of £6.99. I bought the Bio Detox Organic on a whim at it's sale price of £6.99. So both I got cheaper than there £10(there abouts) actual price. I think I will review each one individually for you to then make your mind up yourself and compare them both at the end. So, here goes;

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation(I bought the colour 53);

I have had this particular foundation for a while now and it's coming to it's last days. It leaves a gorgeous dewy finish which can be toned down if you apply powder over the top. For some it may feel a little greasy but for me I loved the finish too much to let it go. It stipples into the skin really nicley and leaves a flawless finish. Be careful with the colouring, I have this in a 53 and it can look very tanned(hence it goes great when I am tanned but when I'm pale I have to blend) so perhaps I may go down to a 52 next time but I have the 52 in Bio Detox and that seems just right but there seems to me to be a huge difference in the two colours. Only buy this foundation if you do like the dewy finish but if you like matte foundation then I wouldn't really suggest this is the foundation for you. Bit annoying that they don't tell you the finish on the product and you have to do that type of research for yourself. It claims to last 16hours- which I don't feel I can test very well because I don't think I am very good at testing foundations wearability and everybody does different things in their day that may shorten or evan lengthen the time of a foundations wearability. I also love that as the product runs out it shows you what you have left,  it pushes the foundation up to show you how much you have used and how much you have left. All in all I do really like this foundation but want to test the colouring out a bit more for myself. It's easy to apply, can feel a little greasy but the finish(for me) makes me want to put up with the greasyness. I also like the plastic tube packaging it's in(there's no fear of it breaking if you drop your make-up bag)

Boujois Paris Bio Detox Organic(I bought the colour 52: Vanille)

Like I said this foundation was bought on a whim and I had carried out no research what so ever. Just gonna put it out that I don't really like this foundation. It is so hard to apply. It doesn't stipple in well atall and if applied with a regular flat foundation brush I feel as though the product just wipes away with the brush. I have been applying it with my hands and understanding the fact that it's gonna take me at least 7-10minutes to apply my foundation(but so help me god I will get my money's worth). I would have been more peeved off it I had bought it at full price but luckily I didn't and learnt a lesson; ALWAYS RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY. :P So I don't like the fact that it's hard to apply; mainly because it dries so fast which makes it hard to blend but once I get the foundation onto my skin after about 27248647hours I quite like the finish. Probably mainly becausw for the first time I found a foundation that matches my skin tone but the finish is matte and is very natural(at least my shade is) and I do love this about the product, that it gives me flawless natural skin but I dislike the application part of the process.

If you have a question about either of the foundations that I haven't answered then leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

I would also like to say Thank You to anybody who has followed or commented with such lovely things to say, please keep them coming:D I love reading your comments!

Any Requests? Pop 'em in the comments.

Tally-ho, Have a great day!


p.s- Sorry no pictures of me actually wearing the foundations, bad camera!



Personally I love disovering new websites. Whether it be clothing ones, jewellry ones or social networking related ones- but it really takes alot for me to 'bookmark'.

I guess I have to really love and want to remeber a site for me to book mark it. So I wanted to share a few of my bookmarked things for others to discover... I may evan make this a regullar post; BOOKMARKING+MOUSTACHES! Not really got the same ring to it but perhaps you guys have some ideas? Let me know:D

Whithout further ado-


This wesite is right up my street. I especially am loving there new line of stationary, it's abstractlicious. I love all that techno-abstact vibe about the line. And sausage roll tape.. YES PLEASE:)

One you probs have all heard of is              
 I love inspiring images and am always re-posting to tumblr! I evan save some images if they inspire me to decorate my room a certain way.

A bit similair to Lazy Oaf but equally as beautiful;

IN LOVE with the Ice Cream tops and the different variety's and styles they have all based on ice creams! Plusssss.. they seem to be having a great sale on ATM, WINNNNNNNNNN!

The Jewellry on this website is on the HIGHH, VERY HIGH, (not quite mount everest but HIGHHIGH) priced catergory. Not order anything myself, infact I haven't from any of the above but plan to get my arse in gear and order SOON! Anyhoo the jewellry seems gorgeous but I don't think I will be ordering due to the insanly overpriced.. price?

An ebay seller I have purchased from is 'palypaly' on ebay. I go a frickin MOUSTACHE NECKLACE (sqweakkkkk) and they also have a MOUSTCAHE RING ASWELL (double sqweakkkk).

Two more that I'm not gonna go into great detail about because you probably all know about both but; I adore LLYMLRS online jewellry store and DollyUpGinger have beautiful Jewellry. If you don't then just type either one in on Google:D

So yes... I love to check out new webby's and find new sites I love and thought if I do, others will do right? Well I hope so and I hope you enjoyed and got something from this post!

Solong.. Farewell.. Avidersain.. Goodbye... eufbeuwfbewu(whatever's next)