Personally I love disovering new websites. Whether it be clothing ones, jewellry ones or social networking related ones- but it really takes alot for me to 'bookmark'.

I guess I have to really love and want to remeber a site for me to book mark it. So I wanted to share a few of my bookmarked things for others to discover... I may evan make this a regullar post; BOOKMARKING+MOUSTACHES! Not really got the same ring to it but perhaps you guys have some ideas? Let me know:D

Whithout further ado-


This wesite is right up my street. I especially am loving there new line of stationary, it's abstractlicious. I love all that techno-abstact vibe about the line. And sausage roll tape.. YES PLEASE:)

One you probs have all heard of is              
 I love inspiring images and am always re-posting to tumblr! I evan save some images if they inspire me to decorate my room a certain way.

A bit similair to Lazy Oaf but equally as beautiful;

IN LOVE with the Ice Cream tops and the different variety's and styles they have all based on ice creams! Plusssss.. they seem to be having a great sale on ATM, WINNNNNNNNNN!

The Jewellry on this website is on the HIGHH, VERY HIGH, (not quite mount everest but HIGHHIGH) priced catergory. Not order anything myself, infact I haven't from any of the above but plan to get my arse in gear and order SOON! Anyhoo the jewellry seems gorgeous but I don't think I will be ordering due to the insanly overpriced.. price?

An ebay seller I have purchased from is 'palypaly' on ebay. I go a frickin MOUSTACHE NECKLACE (sqweakkkkk) and they also have a MOUSTCAHE RING ASWELL (double sqweakkkk).

Two more that I'm not gonna go into great detail about because you probably all know about both but; I adore LLYMLRS online jewellry store and DollyUpGinger have beautiful Jewellry. If you don't then just type either one in on Google:D

So yes... I love to check out new webby's and find new sites I love and thought if I do, others will do right? Well I hope so and I hope you enjoyed and got something from this post!

Solong.. Farewell.. Avidersain.. Goodbye... eufbeuwfbewu(whatever's next)




  1. Great links - got to love We Heart It. Such beautiful inspiration! x

  2. thanks for sharing - have a good day x

  3. i checked the jewellery websites, they have some really pretty stuff!:)
    please take a look at my beauty blog-


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