I'm a dare-devil.

So I finally took the plunge to wear this gorgeous velvet bow out and show it to the world. If you didn't see my other post, it's here. I basically didn't have the balls to wear it out, I wanted to wear it with someting pretty simple to start off with. So I got this jersey top from Topshop. I do indeed like it, and don't think I look like a naked butler wearing it.

I opened my advent calender today, it's a Toy Story one. The Toy Story films are my absolute favourite. Mine was a Christmas Tree chocolate. What calender do you all have this year?

Have a great day!


Don't know what to call this one.

Shirt (actually a dress) - Topshop
Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Topshop

This 'shirt' is actually a dress from Topshop, that is just too short for me now. I had been meaning to be on the look out for a basic white sheer shirt to pop under jumper's and to show the collar. Because I am really into collar's, I think they can really make an outfit up to date and on - trend. I was gutted that I may not be able to wear the dress again but realised that wearing it like this, you can't see the dress and I can make use of the shirt part. I am hoping to find a nice black sheer shirt, and a white one too - so if any of you know any nicely priced ones, do let me know?

Feel a little bit schoolish in this but thought to myself ' Would this really be a school jumper?' I wasn't overly keen on the jumper, but my uniform time at work was running out so I wanted to make use of the discount. I think having the collar out would be the only time I would wear it, because I feel that the collar brings it up to date. If not, I will be a winter jumper to keep me warm at home. Do you have anything you only wear as one outfit, and don't mix it with anything else?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Do I dare?

So I am techniqually cheating here. I didn't wear this outfit out. I adore my vintage blouse and I am in love with this Topshop bow but I just don't have the guts. I think I need to pair it with something simple to start with, not a bold vintage blouse. I need to step my guts up a noch. I am a big bow/collar person and when the Topshop free delivery thingybob came up I bought it(it was £10). That's what I got it for really, to make something simple a bit more fashion-ey? But on lover tops i.e vest tops I think I look a touch like a naked butler, which is never good for a 17 year old girl, we don't want to give off the wrong impression.

Do you have any accesories that turn a simple outfit into a edgy one? I'd love to invest in more.

Have a great day!


berries and leopards

t-shirt - orangeclothing
fit and flare dress - topshop
cardigan - primark

Pretty sure the work and his wife has this Primark cardigan, oh well. It's just another burgendy cardigan, but not really. I'd say it was more of a berry colour which I prefer. Found 'orangeclothing' a while ago but never purchased just because you can't see the product. But after seeing a youtube review on them I went ahead and got a typical leopard cross tee, oh well(again). I don't see it as copying or being a 'sheep' I would call it being inspired by others, for me that's what fashion is all about.

Love, Hearts and Crosses

Love, Hearts and Crosses - £14.00 (also comes in gold)

After trying to hunt down the perfect triangle necklace I was going to give up. But then I saw LLYMLRS wearing this one, so I scrolled down to see where it was from and it was from Love,Hearts and Crosses Jewellery. I had browsed before, because LLYMLRS is always wearing their jewls, but didn't think to try and find one from there. But when I saw it I went over to the site and ordered it, I love it. It was also free shipping, which I think was the biggest persuader. I'm having a bit of triangle love at the moment(yes I know I am way behind). So I thought I would share it with you. I ordered it on Tuesday and it came today, which I think is pretty fast. So I was just spreading some Jewellrey love, Have a great Bonfire Night, but be careful.