Don't know what to call this one.

Shirt (actually a dress) - Topshop
Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Topshop

This 'shirt' is actually a dress from Topshop, that is just too short for me now. I had been meaning to be on the look out for a basic white sheer shirt to pop under jumper's and to show the collar. Because I am really into collar's, I think they can really make an outfit up to date and on - trend. I was gutted that I may not be able to wear the dress again but realised that wearing it like this, you can't see the dress and I can make use of the shirt part. I am hoping to find a nice black sheer shirt, and a white one too - so if any of you know any nicely priced ones, do let me know?

Feel a little bit schoolish in this but thought to myself ' Would this really be a school jumper?' I wasn't overly keen on the jumper, but my uniform time at work was running out so I wanted to make use of the discount. I think having the collar out would be the only time I would wear it, because I feel that the collar brings it up to date. If not, I will be a winter jumper to keep me warm at home. Do you have anything you only wear as one outfit, and don't mix it with anything else?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. you look lovely <3 xoxo ellie

  2. Lovely outfit. The jumper is lovely xx

  3. Primark did/do sheer shirts, I have a black one

  4. adore the colours on that little jumper!

  5. this looks so cute! and your hair is lovely in curls xo

  6. This is definitely the sort of thing I would wear, the jumper is lovely - I LOVE IT!!! x

  7. This is so cute! I often wear collars and end up feeling a bit school girly too

  8. (just a quick message to say that the new things are listed in the shop including moustache ring, the link is - would love to know what you think of the website and the variety of products. Hope you've had a fantastic weekend) xx

  9. Thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    You have absolutely darling style! This is so wonderful you look lovely!

    Lots of Love,
    Lily From
    Red Brick Lipstick

  10. I love your style so much! Ahh, & your so pretty!x
    I've just started blogging recently, please could you check out my blog. I'll really appreciate it, thanks!
    P.s. I'm trying to follow but it's not working :/

  11. i'm definatley having a thing with collars at the moment too! i can't get enough, but noone at school seems to understand what i wear so constantly get told i either look like a lesbian or one of the english teachers. :l xxx

  12. I love your blog! Your so pretty, and have really interesting beautiful outfits! Your hair is gorgeous! Please follow me if you have time, i'm also following you, i'll be back for more posts! :D xx

    Hennah -


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