Floral dress

Dress - Topshop 
Shoes - Topshop 
Lipstick - Rio Rio from Topshop

Didn't mean to make this an all Topshop post but my most worn shoes and lipstick are the ones above so there pretty much all you will see me in. When I bought this dress I had gone into the fitting rooms with 6 other things, saw this on my way out, hadn't even tried it on in store but got it home and loved it, always works that way.

I love the style and print the most, well what else could I love about it? I don't like things that cling or any sort on bodycon so something up and down is perfect. The floral print is just such a pretty style and will be worn to death in the summer. I just can't stop looking at it, just love it so much, ha!


Hide and no seek

Yesterday me and my good friend Catherine ventured to the beautiful tatton park to get some photographs for Catherine's commercial shoot as part of her university course. The day was filled with getting partially naked in bushes, almost breaking my neck doing the *hair flick* and falling on my backside whilst Catherine snaps my booty in the air. Thankfully the weather stayed nice and there was no rain in site. A Canon AE-1 was used, made in the 80's and expired films were used to get certain blips of light across the photos, which creates such an unusual effect that I have fallen in love with.

Also Catherine has a website here and is based in the north west in case anybody is needing a photographer then drop her a message, you can see more of her work on tumblr here and flickr here.