Delving into my surroundings

 Just a little nosey into my room. I'm definetly one for room decor posts and take alot of inspiration from other blogger's similair posts. I'm forever saving pictures from around the interweb that I think will inspire me for a bit of room re-decoration. You can just type in 'bedroom' to we heart it and find thousands of inspirational images. At least every two weeks I take all my ornaments off the furniture and re-arrange them to give my room a new lease of life. Hopefully you take some inspiration and if you have done or will do a similair post then please link me so I can take inspiration from you.


A patient day all round

Tee - Orange Circle
Dress(worn as skirt) - Topshop 
Belt - Primark
Lipstick - Topshop; Rio Rio

Don't you just love when you moan about having nothing to wear but when you have all day to get ready and you take your time, you end up coming out with an outfit you like and haven't worn before?

Because I had a day of work and wasn't doing anything till half five, I was able to look in my wardrobe and trial and error things rather than going back to the same old outfits. That's why I don't do daily outfit posts because I normally wear things over and over(inbetween washes of course). Because I have to wear clothes of the brand I work for and normally just leggings and something basic for college, I don't normally experiment with what clothes I have got because I plan what I will wear the night before. But on days like today, I loved just being able to play around a little. It's nothing spectacular but I haven't paired this together before so it's like wearing something new.