''grab ya' backpack''

As you may know a big trend boucning in right now is backpacks. So I thought I would line a few up to inspire you because personally I love reading blogs that point items of clothing out to me and then I go and buy them or something similair, I love to be inspired! So I hope you are too ...

Lazy Oaf - Space Pack - £ 55.00

Quite a price tag, but I would understand 'love at first sight' and somebody willing to splurge. Probably not my style but something about the whole 'Spacey' aspect really catches my eye.

 Topshop  - Red Stars + Stripes Backpack - £32
(out of stock but you ccould try again later or in-store)

Again another heavy price tag, sorry! But honestly for Topshop I don't think it's that bad, plus it's AMAZING. After the Topshop American Flag shorts were such a sucess I reckon this will fly out, it's already sold out online.