My 2011

▲ saying goodbye to some amazing, beautiful people ▲ starting a fresh life 3 hours away from my home ▲ making new friends in a new place ▲ finding a career i hope to pursue and do for a long time ▲ going to disneyland paris ▲ eating too much red onion ▲ discovering alot of things about myself and others ▲ learning that it's ok to have my own opinions on things ▲ creating a blog ▲ falling in love with apple tea ▲ finding new passions

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I wish you all a beautiful, happy and memorable 2012!


  1. awww :") great post & happy new year!! :D Xx

  2. I also fell in love with apple tea this year! happy new year <3 xoxo

  3. Happy New Year lovely!
    It must have been hard leaving your old home but I'm glad you've met new people and made new friends >.<
    As cheesy as it sounds, I'm so pleased blogging has allowed me to 'meet' wonderful people like you

  4. Happy new year! Hope next years amazing for you!! Must try this apple tea!! x

  5. Lovely blog !
    Kiss and Happy New Year !~

  6. Aww! This is a sweet post and it sounds like you've had a nice year :) Hope the next brings everything you were hoping for, Happy New year!


  7. thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog chick! I, like you, moved away from home this year, moving to a city 2 hours away from my family, but luckily I have my wonderful chappy to look after me. It's a brave thing to do I think, moving away from what you know. Here's to a wonderful 2012 for you! XO Amie

  8. May 2012 be even better!!! Happy new year!! xx


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