Primary School Shoes

Shoes - Topshop, exact link here.

These were in my last wishlist so I had kept my eye out for them in the shops as I didn't want to take the risk of buying them online and then maybe not liking them or them not fitting. In the shop I had decided not to get them but whilst in the que at the tills I went back for them and I'm so pleased I did.

They are so comfortable, apart from they rub the back's of my ankles but I'm just wearing them in. I had been wanting some creepers but found the sole's too large for me and I thought the sole on these was perfect and I prefered the 'primary school' style of them. I think that in the summer they will look too cute with those little crochet style socks you can get. Again like the ones in Primary school where you rolled them down and it looked like you had a doughnut around you ankle. But I just think they are too cute, and at £34 I thought it wasn't too bad for Topshop.

If you know of any similair styled shoes please link them in the comments as I really like the style of them.


  1. I do love them rather a lot! They have a similar feel with the bottom to creepers, but a little more together and 'proper'

  2. Haha i thought exactly the same about these, they remind me so much of my little patent primary school shoes! I was tempted to get them but want to try them in store to see how they looked on...they look so cute on you! xx

  3. gorgeous! I want these, ahh childhood :') x

  4. i actually love these, i might have to get them! xxxx

  5. Cute shoes! I remember owning white ones when i was about 4! lol don't think i could pull off the 'cute' style though!

  6. How cute! I wore shoes that looked almost exactly like those! They weren't as shiny or pretty, but I remember we always had to have our stockings pulled up and when we played in the sand, our legs got itchy.

    Ah, those shoes are so great!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  7. Waaah I remember I had school shoes like these, I had to beg my mum to buy me them (they were Doc Martins so were expensive for school!) Newest follower!
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  8. Wow - these are adorable! I love the little cut out detailing. Cute :)
    New follower x

  9. very nice look,i am in love with shoes :)


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