▲lw▲ys folding p▲ges!

Always folding pages!

Mustard Skater Dress - Topshop 
Cross Skirt - Topshop
Red Suede Toms
Eylure Lashes(I want to experiment more with lashes) 
Tan Boots - Topshop
Lace Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Warehouse

Back from my little trip now, and thought I'd share a 'wishlist' with you. I think the tan boots and mustard dress with tights would be a lovely combination. I also adore this blouse from Warehouse, it's on the pricey side so not sure I could commit. I wore my friend's Tom's one time, and would love a pair of my own to wear with leggings or jeans for college, because I don't make an effort for college. Because of the course I do I have to wear clothes I can dance in.

Hope you are all well, I will hopefully have some outfit posts up soon.

Have a great day, oo and Happy Halloween!


  1. I'm actually in love with that dress!
    I might ask for it for my birthday because £46.00 is a bit too much for me :3
    I really love your style,
    Chenna xoxo

  2. I love all the things you've picked out! The mustard dress is lovely, and the black skirt.

    I love the high brogue/boots too, and i know they won't be half the quality, but i've saw Primark have them in? Just if you're looking for a cheaper version xx

  3. ahh, i love everything you've picked out!
    in love with the topshop skirt, its gorgeous :) xo

  4. i love the skirt and dress! x

  5. The yellow dress is my favourite definitely, I need more mustard in my life!
    I nominated you for a blog award on my page if you want to have a look?

  6. Hi Lauren! You should absolutely come to our meet up in jan /feb. It's gotten reeeeeally big and there will be tonnes of people hopefully, you'll be fine :) Everyone is so lovely I promise :) Do you have an email address or twitter account that I can have to keep you updated? I also have a bit of an update post going up this evening so keep your eye out :) LOVE that warehouse blouse by the way!! xx

  7. Love the blouse!

    Victoria - VIPXO -

  8. LOVVVVVE the cross skirt,i cant wear skirts though they make me look about 10 years old haha xxx


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