My only vintage piece!

This Shirt I got from ebay a while ago, and it's vintage apparentley. It's the only vintage item I own, I really like it but it's annoying to wear because it's whiter and my foundation gets all around the collar on the inside. If your looking for something similair, I would just type in 'Vinatge White Shirt' or something on ebay. Jumper is H+M(very recent) and was £12.99 and my skirt is Topshop(£26). Don't have a clue why I am saying 'is Topshop' like it's a designer brand like Chanel or something :)

I'm not a big vintage lover, to be honest for me it's a faff to search for things like that. I just love High-Street, but I kinda like the idea of having a one off piece. I would definetley but vintage satchels and things, so if any of you know good Vintage sites let me know. I think I should venture more into the 'Vintage World', because I adore Vintage inspired outfits, and some things you just can't get on the High - Street.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! 

P.S BIG congratulations to Temporary:Secretary for winning the LOOK Blogging Competition, you totally deserve it, your blog is amazing and you are so lovely .


  1. aww, really?
    my face looks quite similar i think, i still have freckles 'n all aha xxx

  2. lovely outfit :) A good vintage shop is Jemporium Vintage, they have a shop in Cambridge and a website too!

  3. omg how cute is it???
    I love how you wore it <3

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award <3
    Ellie xxx

  5. I really LOVE the color of the jumper ! SO beautiful and great for autumn ! x

  6. I love your shirt; and your jumper as just given me inspiration for a blog post :D ! Thank you!

  7. I love vintage but I live in the 'burbs so vintage shops are hard to come by. I do love charity shop finds though!

  8. Love that jumper !
    Really cute blog :)
    New follower


  9. Love the jumper and shirt together!
    Love Erin xo

  10. does anyone know where i'd get a shirt like this from?


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