I'm Dreaming Of....

Dreaming Of....

1. Topshop - £32 - Lace Collar Swing Top
2. Topshop - £65 - Oxblood Chelsea Boots
3. River Island - £28 - Chelsea Girl Bowling Bag
4. Topshop - £36 - Double Bow Placket Shirt
5. Topshop - £8 - Lips in Infared
7. Topshop - Couldn't find it on the site, not necessarily a TS one, but I want a bow similair. 
It was payday Friday and this month I don't want to worry about saving,saving,saving, I may indulge in some of these beauties.
I'm trying to find some winter boots, when it does turn winter as it's been Indian Summer for the last week. I'm loving all the oxblood coloured ones out there right now and trying to find the perfect pair to invest in. Ah this bag, the whole Chelsea Girl thing puts me off but I love the colour and the style, and it's a decent price too. I'm sure i'll show you if I purchase any.
Have a great day!


  1. Loving the red lipstick! Would love to see how you wear this, Ive just got some but im a bit :-S about how/when to wear it!


  2. You must buy that pink top! I have it, blogged about it a while ago and I think everyone should buy it, it's super pretty. i knew you had good taste, girly! <3

  3. love all of these! such a great colour palette! xo

  4. i love the bow collar, so pretty! in fact, i want all of them, such a lovely selection! xx

  5. that pink top is beautiful! hello topshop bye bye wages...
    Em xx


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