Scalloped Edges

Here's another outfit, I seem to be whiping these out the bag. That's about it for now though, as I have shown off all the new clothes I purchased recently and I don't want to repeat any outfits.

I wear this Jumper from H+M alot, if you read my blog you will have seen it before(it was £12.99) it's just so cosy but it goes bobbly, which really annoys me. This dress is from Miss Selfridge and it was £37. I definetley wouldn't have paid so much for a black and white striped dress, but the scalloped detail on the white stripes is so lovely, I just couldn't resist.

Quick Question;

I want to make my photo's side by side, I have photoshop(trial version) and can anybody give me specific directions to do so on photoshop? and how do I get rid of the little frames around my photo's at the moment? You can comment down below or email me( It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. lovely dress! I don't know about photoshop, but you can do it on picnic (free online photo thaaaang) it's under 'photo collage' ;) hope that helps!


  2. Love how you layered the sweater over the dress ! Very cute ! You should definitely email some bloggers that you've seen do that for help on photoshop x

  3. No idea what to do in photoshop, is there no make a collage option, then just put two pictures next to eachother than crop? That's what I do x

  4. hi m'love!
    i felt like we haven't spoken in a while so thought i'd say hi!
    i may be able to help with the frame around your photos business!
    i will drop you an email in a mo!
    woah, too many exclamation marks?!^

  5. Cute outfit! Take off the borders in the HTML, add "border="0"> to the end of the image code that you put in.

    Or you can do a Google search and it should tell you how to get rid of them through Blogger.

  6. i love the colour of your knit. add's so much colour to an outfit. and your dress is lovely!x

  7. I'm in love with that dress!! & The jumper, I'm loving being able to wear jumpers with things again, gonna love wrapping up warm this winter :) xx p.s following

  8. Thanks for your comment :) I love this outfit! The jumper looks so snug!!!xxx


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