Blog Award

So recently I was Awarded a Blog Award from Roza at A Little Bit of Roza. Thank You so much Roza, it was so lovely of you! Roza and her blog are lovely so go check her out everybody, althought you all probably know who she is :) 

If you are awarded a Blog Award you must;

Thank the person you received the award from 
Say 7 random things about yourself 
Pass the love to 15 other bloggers 
 7 Random Facts about me;
▲ I have lived in pubs all my life.
▲ I have a Spanish friend named Ines who I email weekly and have seen in person, in spain 3 times.
▲ I've worked/work at 7 different places in only 4 years. Don't worry, I was never fired :)
▲ I will always love Red Onion, it's so tasty!
▲ I love Toy Story, I have a teddy of the Alien, he's called 'Mike Swisowski' from Moster's Inc evan though that's a completley different film(long story).    
▲ I love love love to be organised and tidying and organising makes me happy(SADDO).
  ▲ I look for life lessons in everybody.
The 15 Blog's I love and give an ''Award'' to;
A Little bit of Roza (Not sure if I can give you  one because I recieved this one of you! Ah well, I would of anyway :) But you don't have to do anaother Blog Award Post if you don't want lol :)! 

Have a great day!



  1. Congrats on the blog award!


  2. Congratualtions on your blog award and thanks so much for giving it to me :) I will do a post about it soon ans link it back to you xxx



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