September; My First Glossybox!

So finally I jumped on the 'Glossybox' bandwagon and recieved my very first one this afternoon. Now I know you will have seen this post many times already but seen as it was a first for me I thought I may aswell share my views. 

This Month's box included; HDBrows Eye+Brow Palette, Plum Perfume by Mary Greenwell, Dead Sea Spa MAGIK Salt Brushing Sachets x 2, KIMIA Hyrda Activator and Exquisite All Natual Face Oil Samples and Neal Wolf Intensive Care Treatment.

A few first impressions; 

I've heard alot of people say that the perfume is something they would give to their mum, and I have to say I agree. It's a real perfume scent and just not to my personal liking. I've used Neal Wolf Haircare before, they were my Grandma's cast-off's, but I'm not the greatest at noticing difference's in my hair but it has a lovely rich smell. The KIMIA skin products and the Salt Brushing Sachets I can't say much about becasue I haven't used them yet, but you get a genorous amount of the salts. And finally the HDBrows Palette, I was most excited about this as I am more of a Make-Up person that a Beauty Products person. I had never heard of this brand before but some Blogger already were saying they really like it but when I was seeing how soft the little brush that came with it was loads of the brisles came out so easily. I wouldn't have used it anyway but it was a little annoying. I hope to do a full review on the palette.

I would also like to apologise for the lack of posts, just feel very un-inspired as what to post because I am the sort of person who likes to be 100% with the state of a post, and I fell that if I don't like it you won't, but I have a few idea's I am going to explore so we will see what happens.

Have a great day!


  1. i've seen lots of posts about glossyboxes (many recieved today apparently!) and i'm still on the fence! the products seem great but knowing me I would forget to use them and i don't know if i can part with £12.95 a month just yet!

  2. I got my first one today too!! i quite like the perfume.. its grown on me lol looking forward to tryin out the sea salt scrubs they look good!

  3. ooooo, how exciting!
    i too want to try glossybox but i think it's so hit and miss and as the price has gone up, i'm not sure

  4. Dead sea scrub is great, I used it before - quite envious about it, I didn't get it. :(
    Nevertheless I'm happy with what I got.
    I'm not pleased about p&p increase but I'm keeping my subscription for now, it's still a good deal. :)


  5. very cool, wish i lived in the UK! check out the US version, birchbox, here:

  6. I really want to try these boxes! But i don't think they exist in Aus :(


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