easyJet Fashion Blogger Competition

easyJet Fashion Blogger Competition
‘This is what I’d take for a Berlin city break with easyJet Holidays.

This post is my entry to the 'easyJet London Fashion Week Blogger Competition'.

I was emailed about this competition and thought the prize was amazing, and to enter I had to do something I enjoyed doing. The competion has been set over 3 weeks, this is the final week. To enter you must post about what you would wear to one of two destinations. This week's destinations are Berlin and Eygpt. I picked Berlin. All the information on the competition if you would like to enter yourself is here. I really think you should, as it's just like creating a wishlist post, but London Fashion Week tickets are up for grabs whilst doing so.

*I'm not being paid to do this, I was informed about the competition and decided to take part myself*

The Outfit;  

Skirt - Topshop 
Shirt - Topshop 
Crop Top - Topshop
Boots - Topshop 
Liptick in Firecracker - Topshop
Nail Vanish - NARS
Necklace - Regal Rose
Earrings - Regal Rose

I thought a spontanious weekend to Berlin would be an amazing thing to have done and imagined myself rushing around for that one perfect outfit. With the trip being spontatious *in my head* I thought that a day to night look would be appropriate. 

I imagine myself strolling around in this red drop hem skirt with the cropped lace shirt during the day, and swapping it for the lace cropped top in the evening, along with the lipstick and cross necklace. I would wear the blue nail vanish with both outfits because I just love the way the blue and red are bright colours and just really adore them together. The cross earrings would be in the day and I think that the newer version of the Topshop Chelsea boots would be both daytime and evening wear because of the way the outfit changes, I like the shoes with both, and remember this is spontanious during the middle of the month when I am blowing the 1/4 of my wages left on my trip to Berlin *in my head*. 

If any of you enter then please do link me in the comments. I wish I could do spontanious trips away, just too much of an organisation nut.

Would love to see your entries!


  1. Good luck, this is totally something I'd wear! Love the dip-hem skirt <3

    The Style Rawr!

  2. I love that little shirt, its so cute! If I entered this I'd just be sad that there was no trip to Berlin waiting for me at the end of the outfit idea!
    Fab choices there though :)
    Kaz x

  3. oh myyyy, that shirt <3 I've seen a lot of bloggers post about this comp, I'll need to check it out! x

  4. The orange skirt is gorgous, good luck with the comp x

  5. I really love all the things you've chosen! I might even go and get that crop top now hahaa xxx

  6. what great stylings, especially the boots. I'm so terrible when it comes to styling, I sort of throw things together and hope it works hahah <3 hope you can pop by soon
    t h e l o v e l y s h a d e s o f p e p p e r b l o g

  7. i've just purchased these chelsea boots and they are sooo uncomfy :( wahh. love your blog by the way, just followed! xxx

  8. The orange and turquoise look gorgeous together! I've also got my eye on the crop top. It's so pretty.
    Also, good luck on the competition! xx


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