American Apparell High Waist Jean

// Top - COW Vintage // Jeans - American Apparall // Lipstick - Topshops Rio Rio //

When it comes to taking outfit post pictures I always have a difficulty photographing my face. I've many a time blogged posts of my outfits and not included the way I have done my hair or anything from the neck up, it's very rare that I will do so. It was actually frustrating me so I decided to photograph my face and upload no matter what. I had to settle for face only shots because my body and head look so oblong in a all in one shot *oh the frustration*. I look like I am living in a hole but I was mid unpacking from the move when I decided a blogging break was best.

These are my new beloved AA high waist jeans. I NEVER wear skinny jeans because of my big friendly giant legs and the way skinny jeans hugs them makes them look even more spider like. So I opted for some baggier jeans, mainly inspired by my recent purchase of the 'Saved by the Bell' boxset. There so easy to style and I love the 90's look of them. I still feel like my legs look super long in them though, oh well I will have to give it up as a bad job and make the most of my stilt legs.


  1. I love this look on you!

  2. I love this outfit it looks gorgeous!

  3. the jeans look really cool !
    will you check out my blog sometimes ?

  4. Ahhhhh a Saved By The Bell box set needs to get in my life- never have I ever been addicted to another tv show as much as I was with that! Awesome outfit, those jeans look great on you! Your face should most definitely be a feature of your blog you lovely lady :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  5. cool jeans, i always feel like baggier jeans would make my thighs look enormous so i tend to stick to skinny jeans! xxx

  6. you´re so pretty and I love your outfit :D

  7. Need this whole outfit!!
    S xx


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