Be re-inverntive!


So recently I have been organising my room (especially my clothing) better. Simply because when I start my new job I am wearing my own clothes and want to be able to easily see what I have, (plus I am just a lil OCD, just a tiny bit(lie)).

So yes.. I have been organising and sorting clothes out I don't really wear but have to look at everyday which always give me the'I have nothing to wear' feeling when really I do have things to wear.

For the summer I am loving sleeveless tops/shirts. So when I came across an old Blue and White Striped shirt from River Island I thought about re-inventing it into something I would wear more often.

So my shirt went from this;

To this;

(Not a dramatic difference but I love it:))

I think it would look great in the summer with a Top Knot and geek glasses, GeekChic if you will:D

But anyway, I don't want this post to bore you with the same old-same old 'How to cut the sleeves off a top' because that's pretty self explanitory. But just as kind of a 'Try and re-invent clothes before throwing them away!' post. You never know what you might get, and evan if you are going to get rid of it but change it and end up with a terrible outcome then there's no loss really is there? So just look out and evan when shopping look at cheap clothes that perhaps you can re-invent:)

Good Luck!



  1. I love it! It's made the shirt totally new, i really need to do this to some of my stuff haha :)

  2. it make it look like a completely different shirt! I often alter my clothing. simply because i like the main "body" of it, but i dont like the details, like arms, or hems.

  3. Love it! and it looks great on you hun, xx

  4. it looks great! i prefer it to the sleeved version actually:) xxxo

  5. love what you did to that denim shirt!

  6. I love what you did to the top! <3

  7. YES! I love it when people do things like this, im always cutting things up and re inventing them as you say :) It looks awesome :)

  8. looks great, you really transformed it
    :) xxxxxx

  9. wow, it is miles nicer with the sleeves of. You did a neat job


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