HAULL(not huge but then not teeny-tiny either)

Hello People who use blogger:)

So the other day I posted about doing a blog about what I picked up because I knew I was going shopping on wednesday, I didn't get as much as I thought I would but thought I would show you anyway.


Grey Aztec Jumper - Petite - £28.00

I found this Aztec Patterened Jumper in the 'LastChancetoBuy' Section. It's petite, which I am definetly not but after seeing it in a Youtube Haul I LOVED it and couldn't find it in my local Topshop or online. But got Lucky on Wednesday, Don't know how I missed it before but anyway- I have it now.

I understand it's summer but it's very light and you could wear it on a cooler day.

                                             Blue and White Striped Vest Top - Sale - £5.00

This Blue and White striped vest top was in the sale for £5, It's a little bit see-through(well my pink bra could be seen through it) but on holiday to stick over a bikini with some denim shorts and to wear as a V-top when I get back I thought it was very handy:) You can also see the bra straps because it's so .. what's the word? Sleeveless? I dunno but the bra straps can be seen!

                                                Set of Three Charm Braclets - Sale - £3.25

Love these, really pretty and cute! Great to pop on, on my Jolly Hols rather than having lots of bracelets on my wrists which may get annoying with the heat.

                                                         Marble Pendant - Sale - £7.50

Have a new love in my life- Long, Huge Pendant Necklaces so couldn't resist this. After wanting it in the first place but not in the mood to pay £15, I jumped at the chance to get it 1/2 price:)


Boat Print Dress - Sale(Size 6+8 only WTH?) - £2 OR £3

 Cheap and easy to wear on my holidays yet can look stylish with gladiators, high bun and a few bracelets:)

                                                          Chinoy Brown Shorts - £10

These shorts feel like that Chinoy material and I love them. Great to put with a baggy top and tights in England(if the weathers not up to much) and Just loose the tights if it's warmer or if your on holiday:) Come with attached braces but I de-attached them:)

                                                                     Floral Dress - £5

Another cheapo dress to chuck on and easily stlyle why away. I hate buying things I can't wear again, like I couldn't wear this in the winter, or perhaps with shorts, tights and a cardy? Hmmmm. Well we shall see but for now it's just for my holidays:)

                                                             Gladiator Sandals - £12

Sorry about the bad picture of these and the labels but I need to take them back because the thing that goes between your first and second toes really presses in so I wanna see how a bigger size fits:) But just easy to pop on with the dress and I also think they would look nice with Burgendy skinnies on those cooler days:)

                                               Blue and Black Pleated Skirt - Sale - £3.00

For ages I pondered over getting this skirt and when I saw if in the sale for £3.00 :O I couldn't resist. It makes my hips look HUGE but perhaps that because of the XXXXXXXXXXL 'I ♥ LONDON' t-shirt tucked into it:) But anyway I like it with a tucked in top and perhaps the sandals for my holiday:)

I also purchased another Healthy Mix in 53 for my holiday:) And some Black Leggings from H&M for £5.99.

I hope you liked and have got something from this post, Next week there will hopefully be loads of OOTD because I start work for Miss Selfridge and want to make an effort with the way I dress for the job so hopefully lots of Nice outfits to share and more hauls using the Discount I will be getting:D So excited to start there:)

Hope you liked and Thanks for reading:)



  1. I love the Topshop sale at the moment, I've already picked up two great tops!

  2. wow some great bargains! love the aztec topshop jumper! saw it a while a go and really wanted it but was on a shopping ban!x

  3. Love that aztec jumper! I also got that blue and white stripey vest...i got the red one to cause i love them so much! Strapless bra's all the way!

  4. I love the jumper! Love it, its awesome. x

  5. love this post! i have the braclets and i turned them into anklets to make them look a bit different as i have so many little braclets, you have lovely style! x

  6. i love, no NEED that first top! it is amazing...
    lovely post+blog.
    much love,


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